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Life Is Wasted On The Bottom Of A Bottle


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More transcriptions from 2000.

They say socialism in the big blue city, is a big warm family, that cares deeply about you. Experience, however, says, it, like so many things, is only skin deep. Like the skin you keep in your pants. When everyone is shallow, they expect you to trash yourself, so you can be as fucked up as the crowd. What poison will you choose? Are the legal ones safer? When you are surrounded by this, life gets cold, lonely, wasted.


Alcohol numbs the pain. For a moment in your life, you feel like you are immune to the cold. That you are one with the darkness. That, loneliness can be your friend, but the hard truth is, she isn't your friend. She's a liquid from a pretty bottle, that wants to kill you. Alcohol isn't addictive, if you have something to close the void. Love, purpose, good people. The cure for alcoholism is as simple, and as hard, as finding a reason to live, because life on the bottom of a bottle, is just dying slowly, on purpose.

Feedback welcome. I'll email it to myself 20 years ago and hope I listen.

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Starts out with an odd atmosphere.

I really like the atmosphere in this and how well the bottle sounds combine with the ambient soundscapes of this track.

From 1:06 I love that part from there, it sounds like very dark ambient music. This even reminds me of The Future Sound of London, which is one of my favourite bands which I used to listen to. The beat in the second part helps with the building of tension in this track. The accompanying text which you wrote fits very well for the soundscape here, I could really see this work well with one of these MTV music videos of the 90s, it would fit perfectly in that.

Outro is fantastic with the synth.

Midnights-Ocean responds:

Thanks. It's quite a thick track conceptually. I'm glad you appreciate it. heh I am kinda stuck in the 90s when it comes to electronic music.


I have half these synths. I like. it's dark, droney, glitchy. So very 80's. It's really clean as a mix and it comes across professional. I adore your wide panning, it takes a brave soul to go wide but it benefits so much for the separation.

Is the bottom end too bassy? I ain't sure, i'll try another run on monitors. There's some minor peaking in the low. most noticed at the end.

This is an amazing track overall, ticks every box for me. Maybe some vox, perhaps....




Midnights-Ocean responds:

Thanks! Heh, I kinda figured you'd dig this one.

The production didn't turn out bad considering I was forced to do 3 weeks of work in 3 days @.@;

I almost always forget how wide I like my imaging and panning. I've never had a subtle approach to it I guess. Glad you think it worked well!

Yeah some bass issues are probably there to be polished another day, if that day even ever comes.

Yes, I so wanted to add vocals but I just don't have any convincing synths that could do more than simple minor effects type stuff. Unfortunately I'm not in contact with anyone at the moment who could have sang them either. If you knew someone who liked the tune enough to do some, I wouldn't be against it but it would have to be their bag. I don't have time for more production unfortunately.

i also struggle with addiction, this is beautiful

Midnights-Ocean responds:

Don't give up. You will find a reason to go dry, if you keep looking for it. It took a while but I did eventually.

Thank you.

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4.53 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2020
9:52 PM EST
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8.5 MB
3 min 44 sec
  • Alchemy
  • Logic Pro X
Misc. Kit
  • tong instruments chromatic kalimba

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