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Original Jazz Standard 1

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Author Comments

- Composed by Justin.FM.

- Made in FL Studio with Saturday (5h32m).

- 07-02-2020 + 07-25-2020 + 07-30-2020 + 09-04-2020 (minor tweaking) -- 4/4 -- A♯ / C.

07-30-2020 DEV LOG (Explains Title):

While noodling on the piano [...], I stumbled upon this Augmented Flat 7th chord resolving to a Minor 7 chord progression with an Aeolian melody above it... And I liked it so much that I made a whole song/Jazz Standard out of it and developed it further.

[...] It took me a while to think any good solos with the Double Bass and Clarinet since that's all that was left. Otherwise, the song was in a finished Play-This-Verbatim state: the beginning part of any Jazz Standard where you... well, play the song verbatim before going to town and forgetting how the fuck harmony works.

I'm only currently *okay* with how this turned out, but I think that's because the song started to seriously grate on me after a while of listening back to it over and over. [...]

Now, let's address the elephant in the room: me having the ignorant, arguably pretentious, or choose-your-zealous-accusatory-look-at-me-I-have-the-moral-high-ground-ala-YouTube-commentary-community-Lord-of-the-Flies-gauntlet-of-cancel-culture word here... Basically, having the gall and balls to call this original song a Jazz Standard.

I'm not part of the renowned Jazz canon in any way like the lines of John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, or any contemporaries like Jacob Collier, Knower, or Snarky Puppy... and I'm 199% certain this song will never pick up any large traction enough to incentivize fellow musicians to 1. not only transcribe it... but 2. play the fucking song in the first place, and do what they want with it from there.

Sure, I can just transcribe it myself in sheet music; inevitably, I'm going to have to do that anyway if the future calls for me to... But my intention with this song is to just be a piece to play and do whatever with much like that of a Jazz Standard, and respectively, follows the structure of one.

But I can see how it's not only not my place to call it that, but also how others would view this as an act of self-imposed importance, ergo, pretention. My intent is explicitly stated above for clarification's sake: it's simply a song that's meant to be like a Jazz Standard, but it's original.

...it's an Original Jazz Standard, hence the title. It seems very out of place because of how little of a personality, let alone, creativity there was going into the naming of the song, but even its open-slated nature was part of my intent. Besides... who cares.

Hopefully, creativity will lend itself to allow me to create another entry in the personal jazz standard series of songs since with the 1 at the end, I do plan on making more. But if the future yields no further additions (which is likely), I'll simply remove it.

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Such a peaceful song. It goes into my ears so easily. Loved it <3

damn loving this

I love the stereo effect on the electric piano. Good all around.

Pretty smooth, love it all round and is nice on the ears.


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4.47 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2020
12:06 AM EST
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6.7 MB
4 min 20 sec

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