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XLR competition: Cyber Hanger


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I used a repetitive drum beat in order to make it loop better, as per the competition's suggestions. as for mood, i tried to go with something with a "synthy" and driving at night kind of feel. it gets you pumped up for the coolness of driving that awaits your car whilst in the hangar.

comp document : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TFflAdWuArB4EnupU0BLrm-_C7_LOUeW6Lv2Gdnhw1U/edit

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(BlueCheeseCult really gave an excellent review, so I’ll be using that as a base)

Let’s start from the composition, and I’ve gotta admit, it’s quite repetitive. In fact, it’s 1 track looped 4 times over. This is not ideal, as it’s quite wasteful making the file take up 4 times the space than if it just looped once (naturally), and the listener will very likely stop listening before the track has had a chance to finish even once. Looping the first part twice and adding some modifications to the latter part in the form of alternate instrumentation or melodies would help tremendously.

Generally, you always want your song to be ‘moving’ somewhere, and thus just repeating the same thing over and over will lead to, well, nowhere. Now there are some good ideas going on at times, but as BlueCheeseCult stated, they all stop prematurely before they have an opportunity to flourish. Overall, the composition seems really hectic, with little to no consistency from section to section.

Regarding the sounds/synths themselves, there’s really not a problem, clearly lending to a pseudo-chiptune motif. And I think that there lies potential for a good track to be extracted.

Still, the downsides mentioned do negatively affect the song in more ways than one. In the end my advice would be to spend some time figuring out how to construct coherent melodies, chord progressions and drum patterns, first working with a simple 4-bar section and then trying to expand that into a structurally sound song. Also spend some time analyzing songs that you fancy, and study how they are structured.

I'm not very good with tips on composition and music theory, but I think thats probably what you should try to learn a bit about
Many notes sound kinda placed at random and there's nothing wrong with total randomness in music, but if you're trying to convey a specific emotion then it probably wont work.
After listening back a few times I think you composed with each instrument separately and then layered them all together, but since they're all using different scales thats probably why it sounds very random?
Anyway, I think you should try to watch some videos about scales, chords and chord progressions

This reminds me a lot of the classic F-Zero soundtrack, even though it doesn't sound very much like it. That's a good thing, it means you have some sort of intrinsic value going on that sets off some nostalgic vibes of some sort! I also like how the melodies kinda swap back and forth between upbeat and more drawn-out to add at least some variety to the otherwise repetitive setup and baseline.

I would definitely work on layering a bit more, there is still a lot you can do to make the song thicker and a bit more progressive. Right now it sounds like all you have is a melody and drumline- in the future, you should consider adding things like bass, accents, counter-melodies, etc.

I dig the drums, got a retro kinda feel to it as well

I personally like the drums, I think it grooves and I like the triplets. I like how minimal this is and I think it would set up a good vibe in the space hangar of a retro game.

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3.30 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2020
11:28 PM EST
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3 min 51 sec

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