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Unfathomable Situation

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Author Comments

Made for the Newgrounds video game music challenge!

I joined the Psuedonatural / Outer Planes group, where in short we needed to create something not of this world.

The hardest part for me was to make it sound like Video Game music (the brass did not make it better lol), but I can imagine this to be in the title screen of a lovecraftian horror game.

--Thank you for listening!--

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Gonna start by saying this one is my favorite entry out of the Psuedonatural / Outer Planes group, there's a lot of elements in this one that bring it together. Ill start with the beginning with what sounds like stabs of a sakura plugin, that + the eerie wail and pad in the background give off mad Lovecraftian vibes in their subtlety and is a really good opener. Despite what you say about the brass, its actually my favorite part of the track each time it comes in, it really adds a sense of danger to the unnaturalness of the rest of the track and keeps you on your guard. I like how 2:46 and onward you managed to throw melody in there, but by making it half notes you still added a sense of "unnatural" to it as well, smart move.

The only critique I have is the section at 1:03 - 1:53 could use some more work, I feel it doesn't really fit with the rest of the track just in terms of style, its unnatural but its not as atmospheric. If you could fit some atmospheric element's in there it might bridge with the rest of the track better. but in general it stuck out to me while listening.

Overall sick job mate, I get a very cinematic feel with this track and could see it being used as not only a title track, but for a cutscene or scripted/special event in a game. The cinematic feel of it just says its a track that starts a change into unnatural territory and honestly I cant get enough of it. Amazing job dude!

PandaThePanda responds:

Thank you! Nice call on the sakura plugin, had just bought it and was amazed how cool it sounded. In the 1:03 - 1:53 part, I like you said went for a more unnatural feel, but it would most likely be better with more atmosphere. This is the only song I have made that's in this genre so I was not sure how to handle that part. This is the most fun I've had making music so I'm happy you made this challenge, it was a really cool idea!

Really smart take on the brief. Can't fault it!

Damn this isn dope! super dig this.

Yes, I have the feeling that may fit to the subject of this game and the style give a good dynamic to keep the attention of the player, maybe sound a little less like usual game music but for me it's what make your track original and like I've said it fit very well!

You've certainly captured the feeling of "Where are we?" in this eerie piece. I get a vivid image of being on the moon with a nearby space station that looks ominous and suspiciously empty. In that sense the music is not of this world. I think it could work as a title screen but also as an intro sequence.

The only reason I don't give this 5 stars is because I know nothing of Lovecraft and can't in good conscience say you did a perfect representation of that as a result.

I still think you did a phenomenal job accomplishing the rest of your goal. :)

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PandaThePanda responds:

First, thank you for this review it really made me happy!
Second, I really appreciated that you shared your impression, because when I was working on it I had a completely different image or view in my head. Listening back with the moon and space as a theme I can really see why it can give off that vibe. It just makes me really happy that something I make, can be interpreted in ways I was not planning.
In other words, really appreciate you for taking your time to write this review!

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4.38 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2020
12:48 PM EST
Video Game
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9.2 MB
4 min 2 sec
  • FL Studio
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  • FL Chan

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