YBP : Fuckin With Breeze

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hate hate hate

The way thing are looking you might as well join the "Hate's Ball", LOL
The Track is koo. Keep it up dude 3rd Cost.

Could be better...

First and foremost, you sound like a fag, but that's besides the point. Let's talk about beat skills here.

Ya drum line is way too simplistic for a track like this. And I can still see that you stick with FL drum sounds as well. I really dunno how you can get such professional sounding instruments while having FL drum kits. I really dunno if that was just a choice or what, but it was poorly put together...

Now for the melody. The bassline melody is okay. Should be able to stand out more. The whistle reminds me of a annoying toy my mother used to have, but it is displayed decently.

Overall, you get a 6. The drum sounds really do kill it for me. Real talk.

No skills

So whats there to respect if there's no skill involved, you seem to have some people who got beef with yeah or you got with them, or what ever you call it, I'm white not an idiot so hay. since it would be considered as racist probably if I said anything really involving a persons skin colour as black, I'm insted gonna call it idot, just playing it safe, and dont act all tough pls, I'll easly fuck you up, so drop the act lol and if there was'nt a act then ah. . . . well I just wanted to say that just for the hell of it ok, anyways yeah not that good and perhaps put more effort in it, I was so not feeling it dude so yeah, peace ok.

YoungBreeze responds:

oh boy, another one?! Hahahahahaha! ur like a flea on a dogs dick! beat it! u have no status whatsoever. alternate account having fag.

Not bad

Cool beat - I mostly like the high-pitched synth in the chorus; reminds me of old movies. The melody is nice, too. Maybe for another song, you could try a different emotional range or something, since a lot of your stuff sounds angry. Try something melancholy, or sad, or free-wheeling; I don't know. You have some talent, and you might want to try other stuff - never know when you'll hit a real chord with something. Nice beat.


NUTHING to speak

lmao.. noones fucking with u.. ur fucking with urself.. ur fucking with the people who surpass ur skills. don't wry man.. if u can keep ur mouth shut.. u wouldnt be struggling ^^. n stop tryin to be like me. its gettin old. i got multiple stylez ..u just feed off em. yo.. do wut u do best.. beg ppl for their fl files so u can study em ;)

and lmao y u keep bringin up slip n slide like it offends me. its giving me publicity.. im gettin madd cake rit now.

but yea.. i got no time for hataz. im on my grind N1GG@

-holla@me wen u got n***az dying to collab with u..

-wen ur rappin on tracks.

-wen ur gettin a mixtape out.

-wen ur dealing with companies. (lmao too ezy mang)

even yo homie doesn't trust u.. and i aint sayin names.

YoungBreeze responds:

Oh god, cant get enought of these kids..... when will they learn? do this for me. Get a camera video tape one event u just stated in tha review. Show me one meeting with an A&R. Show me someone buying ur mixtape. define dealing with companies. plz. talk is cheap!!!!!! real fuckin cheap! show me something N.I.G.G.A.!!!!!! show me!!!!! i'll be waiting. You n***az need to stop lyign about people production skills! 95% of the producers here suck ass and need to throw water on all of their euqipment. Ses u are one of em..... I dead beef, and wat does this lil mother fucker do???!!! bring it right back. children them never fuckin learn......

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2.75 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2007
1:29 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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