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Farewell And Goodbye

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Edit: Thank you so much for the frontpage, Newgrounds!

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This is my soundtrack for Newgrounds' Video Game Music Challenge. I chose "Final Push" as my challenge because I wanted to see if I can make a soundtrack of that caliber and I think I succeeded.

I took the Undertale approach. I wanted a soundtrack that is melancholic, yet inspires hope.

I imagined a RPG- styled visual novel where the final enemy owns the souls that have made a pact with him, then eats them as the ones that have made the pact die. The character I have in mind(a female) and her friends train along their journey of character development and hardships. One of them had made a pact with the enemy to become stronger and then, realizing the risks, wants to get rid of the pact. They have to kill the enemy to get rid of the pact.

They prepare to fight the enemy. but the enemy proves to be too strong for them. Just as the enemy lunges at the heroine to take her soul, the friend that had made the pact jumps in front of her and dies instead. The heroine goes into a state of shock. All things seem lost now forever. But, somehow, the enemy stops, realizing his powers are weaker than before.

The friend's soul deep within the enemy doesn't let him use his powers, because the friend's soul convinced the other 999,999,999 souls to cooperate and suck the energy slowly, but surely. Ooops... The heroine, along with the remaining friends take advantage of the situation. This is when this soundtrack starts.

0:00 The dead friend's theme;

1:11 The serious theme. This plays when things are serious;

1:57 Again the dead friend's theme;

2:43 The dramatic, action-filled theme;

2:29 The memories of the heroine's journey and development;

3:55 Again the friend's theme;

5:00 The enemy is defeated;

5:08 The battle ends and the heroine reflects on her gains and losses, and mourns the friend's death.

Trivia: the two words in the soundtrack's title refer to the two characters that die: the friend(Farewell) and the enemy(Goodbye).

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You scared me I thought you were leaving music and newgrounds! Great song, i love it :D

TrandafirTeodora responds:

Thank you very much!

Loved the honest heartfelt piano melodies. I feel like you could have played with the note velocities a bit to get more alive sounds. I play piano and have midi controls but when I write melodies I always remember to try to vary loud and soft note velocities as if they were being played for real. Rubato also gives piano a more human sound. Some melodies can drag out or be a little off beat and that small detail can create so much life.

Track is so long, I have no idea how many times I listened to this loop. Due credit for making a five minute track. I remember on the first listen that the dubstep/DNB drums punched me out of nowhere. I'd have faded them in with a filter or something to soften that up and then introduce the full power kit at a later climax. Maybe the intro could have used a softer jazz drum kit? The drums here are so powerful. I was expecting this to go full nuero skrillex.

It's still a great track. You're writing great melodies and progressions. Drums, despite sounding like the wrong genre, are powerful and full. There are some great ideas here and I can't wait to hear more :D

TrandafirTeodora responds:

Thank youuuuuuu!

Not only is this a great game-ending soundtrack song, the plot that you’ve described as directing the flow this song is also super inspired, and sounds like a game I’d actually love to play! Many of the themes you’ve included here I feel like could’ve come straight out of a video game, too—the friend’s theme, for example, is one that has grown on me so much after a few listens of the track. I think you’ve definitely achieved your goal of creating something melancholic, yet hope-inspiring; the amount of detail you’ve put into the description makes it clear that you had a vision that you wanted to achieve, and I think that amount of thoroughness really shows in the final product.

A few highlights from the track: I loved 0:48, which is when I felt the track really started picking up because of the fuller texture. Your instrumentation is definitely unorthodox but interesting enough that it makes the listen enjoyable (the combination of organic elements like strings, piano, and choir mixed with the base of heavily electronic percussion and chords gives this track a really unique feeling to it). I also thought the whole 2:43 section was a highlight, with the strings and arps (make the arps louder!) providing some interesting rhythmic variety.

However, in speaking of variety, I think the biggest way to improve based on this track would be to keep thinking about variety a bit more during the songwriting process! Most of the song (except for the 2:43 section) appears to be a piano playing melodies with little rhythmic/dynamic variation on top of a texture with little background variation (for example, the drums are playing largely the same beat for the first four minutes of the song). Perhaps the reason that 2:43 really stood out to me was that it was a respite from the piano and introduced new elements to inspire attention; if you had more sections of the song with different and more humanized lead instruments or different drum patterns (as examples of variation), I do think that would really elevate the track. I had a few other nitpicks (e.g. I would’ve preferred for the cool buildup at 5:00 to lead to a climactic final section instead of just cutting to an outro), but on the whole, I think adding more variational interest would be the best way to make the track shine.

Still, great work! I’m impressed with this final product, and I just want to reiterate how cool your plot idea is and how well it translates to this condensed musical form. Thanks for participating in the Video Game Challenge!

TrandafirTeodora responds:

Thank you very much!
I appreciate your feedback and that you could see the story translated in this soundtrack.

wow this is very amazing

TrandafirTeodora responds:

Thank you so much!

Wow, This is really good. My only suggestion is the "serious theme". For that, I would add a bit more bass, buildup, and suspense. other than that, this is really good!

TrandafirTeodora responds:

Thank you very much!

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Nov 10, 2020
5:09 PM EST
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