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Approaching Black Hole

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The Career Goes Further (Track 10/11)

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I wanted to create a nice song to follow up Pulsar, which is the previous song in the album. I found myself a quite unique sounding and epic composition after maybe 25 different mixes, of which this one continued. I haven't been very productive recently so I wanna make a small comeback with this song, perhaps.

The beginning goes calm and (hopefully) intriguingly, and then, the first part ensues as the first big section of the song progresses with a strong bassline and arpeggios creating a rhythm with a quite unique sounding drum sequence that somewhat resembles a 2000's Euro Trance style. And so it continues for a little bit with not so much variety, but still diverse enough. I reworked the last part because I was not satified with it. That's why the song is now shorter. In the last part, I decided that there was to be one big last drop before finally the song dies out peacefully, and lays the ashes to be followed up by Quadrinity, a song I wish to make soon as possible.

I also thought it was a cool idea to include samples of a black hole colliding. It fits the title well, that's why (MR SLAV might love it.)

BPM: 124

Genre: Euro Trance/Progressive

Instruments: Bass, Arpeggios, Leads, Pads, Strings, Sub-bass, Choirs, SFX, Chronimum, Beat-sequencer, Squares, Samples, Drums

Tone: A#, C, D

Time Segment: 4/4

Bitrate: 160 kbps

Note: the bitrate is reduced to 160 to prevent ripping. High quality files are not yet available.

Sample Rate: 44 100 Hz

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Thank you for clarifying.

Knowing neither your song nor intent is story driven does help. Personally, I consider this to be more atmospheric than energetic, although I do think "Trance" is an appropriate descriptor.

I haven't heard the other songs in the album you mention, so I don't have full context. Still, I think you did a good job accomplishing what you intended.

Original 4-star review:

"This sounds to me like it could be in Metroid Prime in the sense that it seems like exploration in outer space. It's a little less intimidating than a track from the Metroid Prime series, but one of the first things I think of is outer space.

I do think that lack of intimidation throughout most of the song (at least until about 6:33 in, when the melodic dissonance kicks in) is a little problematic given what it seems to me you are intending. If what you are going for is the music you'd hear when you are approaching a black hole, I imagine there to be quite a bit of fear to go along with that, as well as scientific curiosity, the latter of which I think you've captured pretty well. Please clarify if you think my interpretation is incorrect.

Overall, though, I'd say your ideas came through pretty clearly here. I still get the outer space vibe and a sense of curiosity and adventure from this piece.

I hope this helps. :)

More info about how I review music here: https://codefreq.newgrounds.com/news/post/1089806"

BlighterProductions responds:

Hey Codefreq. Thanks for your response. I’ll get right to the point with my intentions:

I wanted to make an energetic and catchy song that, with the samples of black holes, could bring in the context of outer space too. So it wasn’t as much intended specifically for a certain story, but rather an attempt at making a song that sounds clean, and I also liked the style of 2000’s Euro Trance to be included.

Diversity isn’t great, I admit that. But I am kind of struggling to find another composition that sounds just as majestic and great as the one I already applied, and I also kind of forced myself into finishing my album before it was going to be new year, and I have got one song left to go to finish my album now. I do have a beginning, but I cannot find inspiration, unfortunately. I will try though.

Hope I made my intentions clear, and I hope you enjoyed it further on.

I think it's a really cool song! Great that it is a sequel. That really gives the feeling that a story is being told through music. Very clever how you get that done.

I have absolutely no knowledge of the technical aspects of music, but it sounded super nice! Very pleasant to listen to.
I love how you are already able to create a mysterious and sinister atmosphere in the the first few notes.
The tension builds and makes genuinely curious about what is to come.
As soon as the beat is added, it really becomes a nice song to listen to.
I think it's great that you bring back certain music tones and melodies from previous songs. This gives it an instant connection with your other work.

In my opinion it has become a very nice end result. Great job!!

BlighterProductions responds:

Well. Thanks a lot. The many in-depth details you mentioned there make this recension all the more valid. I am very welcoming to constructive advice too, maybe, if something could be improved, please let me know.

And thanks so much for the kind words you share with me.

I really like the overall atmosphere of the song. You managed to capture a retro 70s/80s electronic vibe that you don't hear very often these days. I can clearly hear the inspiration from Jean-Michel Jarre as well as some other progressive influences. Good stuff!

In terms of mixing, I'd personally recommend cutting down the muddy frequencies a bit and evening out the volumes a bit. There is sufficient clarity, but the overall mix sounds slightly too "full" in my opinion. The difference in volume between the intro and the first section is also slightly too big in my ears.

I personally think there is sufficient variation for this type of music, though it seems that's down to personal taste. It's very hard to keep a piece interesting for roughly 8.5 minutes, and I think you have done a good job in that regard.

Overall, I have to say I'm impressed! Keep up the good work!

BlighterProductions responds:

Hey man. Tons of thanks for your review. Your in-depth review really helps me understanding how it is being received. Your kinds words also make me feel better.

Good to hear from you too.

Wow, sounds epic. Nice song. All these details, and those black hole sounds really add to the value I give to this particular piece. The drop at 5:02 is a great finishing touch.

9.5 / 10

BlighterProductions responds:

Thank you for that.

I think it's a bit repetitive but nice job

BlighterProductions responds:

Thanks, but I tried to avoid the repetitiveness a little. Seems like I didn't quite succeed, hah.

Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2020
5:18 AM EST
File Info
9 MB
7 min 24 sec

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