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Psychrome (VAC 13)


Author Comments

Here is my submission, Psychrome, a story which originated from a nightmare i had very long ago.

Every sample used is Public Domain, and there is no pitch change since it's against the rules of the contest. I did modify a few lines adding chorus and distortion though.

Be careful! This story is not for KIDS!


It begins with pitch black darkness; nothing to be seen, noone who can see through.

A child awokens and looks around, only to be taken aback, confused and frightened.

He tries to scream for help: "Mommy! Daddy! Where are you?", but noone responds. Because of that, he starts crying and sobbing alone, with his only company being the binoculars around his neck, lost in the infinite dark void.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a glowing white ball appears in the distance, continously expanding; in a matter of seconds, the darkness turns into light, then the kid finds himself in a colorful, bright green hill, accompanied by a light blue sky, with little white, fluffy clouds. Singing birds can be heard, but there is no trace of them; just an infinite, boundless spread of grass plains.The child's heart stops racing, and he starts walking forward while wiping his tears off with his right hand. After around half an hour, he ceases to move and looks down; his attention is captured by one, lone little daisy in the middle of the grass petals. He picks it and starts to look at it from multiple angles; after another endless minute, he drops it and smiles lightly.

One split second later, a loud bolt of lightning strikes out of the clear sky, which loses its color and becomes monochromatic. The same thing happens to the meadows, which gain an unsettling dark grey tone; after that, the child begins to hear a redundant and menacing noise behind him, getting louder and louder over time. With his face turned around, he decides to use the binoculars, and point them towards the noise: what he sees turns his concern into pure fear. An army of scary looking, red-eyed and pumpkin-headed black knights, riding skeleton horses and each brandishing a giant scimitar, is rushing fiercely towards him, screaming: "SHINEEEE!".

(Translated: "DIEEEE!")

The kid yells in panic and starts sprinting in the opposite direction: as he keeps running, the sky begins to gradually fade into black, and the plains leave place to a dry and uneven soil. After a hour, there is no more terrain for the kid to escape: an enormous, deep ravine manifests in front of him, causing him to trip to avoid falling down. Unfortunately, the knights catched up to him; he tries to flee, but in vain. They got him completely surrounded.

Red lightnings start to strike behind him multiple times, in the middle of a black, colorless landscape. The biggest knight gets off his horse, walks towards the boy, lifts him by the throat with his right arm and leaves him suspended above the abyss. The kid tries to free his neck, but his hands can't reach. Suddenly, the knight's pumpkin disappears, revealing its head's true form: a cluster of sticky tentacles, with two red wide open eyes and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. He then takes a grim look at the kid and tells him those words:

"Shizen o kizutsuketa mono wa horobiru! AKI!"

(Translated: "The ones who hurt nature shall perish! FALL!")

Two seconds later, he lets his right hand go.

The child screams at the top of his lungs as he's falling deep down into the void; time goes on, on and on, until he starts to see the end of the ravine. FULL OF SPIKES POINTING TOWARDS THE SKY.

The kid can't do nothing but scream even louder, before hitting them and die impaled like a skewer.

A loud explosion follows, and everything gets destroyed in an istant; the destiny of the knights is unknown.

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I could almost see that story, poor kid. Nice work!

I love the writing in this piece. Interesting conversion of a dream into tangible media, it must have been a heck of a nightmare to stick with you.

A few small pops here and there roughly matching the volume spikes one the waveform (3:19 for example).

Looks like this was your first VO piece, welcome to the genre and I hope you stick around and continue down this road!

mutty99 responds:

Even if i didn't win in the end, i was pretty close and overall did the best i could.
And yes, it was one heck of a nightmare indeed; will do more skits in the future.

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4.21 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2020
6:52 PM EDT
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5 min 54 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.