Bloodstained Sunrise

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As the sun rises over the horizon, a battle begins... Oriental sound, loops

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Great theme ^^

It's similar to Naruto music. The Asian influences make it great :3

mechanoid-9 responds:

Never heard Naruto music (I don't watch that), but whatever, you may be right. Thanks, was aiming for the oriental feel.

sorry to say

i liked the song, but i just couldnt feel a battle... maybe its just me

as said by MaestroCanuck it feels more like preparation (maybe i shudnt have read his review b4 listening to tthe song, my bad lol)

i like the variety of sounds used in this peice of artwork, its was wicked, but not overpowering

i just beleive the music is too soft, not dramatic enough, to be battle

but none the less, congratulations on this bro, i was very pleased to hear this

mechanoid-9 responds:

I agree it's one of my calmer works. It's like a warmup for the making of classical songs in Reason, I experimented a lot, tried some stuff I've always wanted to when I only had FL, and so on. You can expect more powerful battle songs later. Actually the battle-ish-ness (weird word) depends a lot on how powerful the melody comes out. My melodies are usually made in a weird way; I start by clicking randomly on the piano roll, trying to find notes that make a nice melody in a sequence, and when I have something to start with, I create the auxilary melodies, some little tweaks in the base melody etc. Before making a song I only have a general idea about how it will sound, but the melody usually comes spontaneously. This time, as mentioned in my previous response, I got some inspiration from Samurai Jack, used that to create a base melody and experimented with secondary melodies. I managed to make this, and it sounded nice with a less overwhelming instrumentation. I'm glad you liked it though. I thank thee for thy review.

Fairly good loop, appropriate theme, steady.

I know that oriental flute, yet I don't know it's name. It's not the Dizi flute, if you have a name for it, please let me know! That would be swell.

The steady percussion here works quite well, consistent, and driving. The song also loops fairly well. Not flawlessly well, but decently so.

The brass are my favorite part of this song for me. I don't get the feeling of a battle happening, but more a battle preparation for this song. Everybodies running about getting their awesome blades of awesomeness ready to awesomely cut people.

I think the melodic line that you formed itself is very appropriate for this title.

Good stuff Skragga, keep up the good fight and keep em coming!

mechanoid-9 responds:

The flute is called Japan flute, it's in the Reason Factory soundbank >_>

I kinda messed up the percussion in A Clash of Destinies, it came out too chaotic, especially the ending drum solo. I've learned from that, and tried a more steady, less experimental drumline. Good to hear it works.

I have only one response for the third paragraph: OMFGROFLMAOXD

Actually, it's the other way round, the melody came first, so the title is appropiate for the melody :) I think one part of the melody comes from a Samurai Jack episode I watched before I made this song, or at least it's very similar to something I heard in there. That show gives good musical inspiration, I watched one episode today too, and something is in my head now which is likely to turn into a song^^

Thanks for the review, lots of stuff coming... whenever. I have a lot of work to do. What I really want to make nowadays is trance but everytime I start Reason I end up building the basics of a totally different style song... lots of unfinished projects in my Reason folder now... perhaps I'm losing my ability to make trance?? :O


Every time I listen....I think of a sunset far away...before the enemy strikes...


Hmmm... Added timpani.

The staccato flute is out of tune. May want to fix that.

The horns sound brilliant.

Great job man, I really just don't feel like hauling my ass on two reviews in a day. sorry if I disappoint.

mechanoid-9 responds:

The flute is supposed to sound like that, it's a weird Japanese flute. I kinda like that detunedness.
Thanks a lot btw, and no prob, any review is better than no review at all.

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Sep 20, 2007
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