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Mirror Road


Author Comments

An album topper, featuring a boppin' bass and Arabic influences.

Check out the music video!


Spare some coins for the track: https://zanzlanz.bandcamp.com/track/mirror-road

Spare a coin pouch for the album: https://zanzlanz.bandcamp.com/album/a-festival-in-sand

Also on Spotify!

Enabled for Geometry Dash, as usual :)

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nice beat ngl

Zanzlanz responds:

Well good! :D Thanks sir, I'm glad you like it!

Wow, this is a pretty interesting track.

The intro with the sidechain and sub bass compliment each other very nicely! The Foley effects and percussion create some cool rhythm in the track, but It does feel a little empty at parts. I think some more melodic stuff in the background would help. Also I feel some of the sidechain later on is a little too strong and cuts out the melody too much, maybe some shorter release on it would help out. Either that or its a little too quiet, im too tired to tell lol.

Regardless, the sound design is very original and interesting. The wubby basses have a very wet sound to them, kind of like its bubbling? (thats the best I can describe it), and it reminds me a lot of the basses used in A Feeling of Tread. I guess thats part of your style, and I like it.

Good work! 9/10 from me.

Zanzlanz responds:

This is a great review, thank you a lot!

Some producers have an ambience track in the background, or use pads or string sections to fill in the noise. I tend to dislike the sound of pads, but I could afford to investigate more into that. I just worry the more I put into noisy backdrops, the less control I have over the main effects.

I feel like a producer could end up tweaking sidechain forever - not sure at what point it just becomes a subjective opinion. Maybe that's inexperience talking, and if that's the case, your comment will likely sway me to use even less sidechain in the future. :) I've been trying to improve how I carve out the frequency spectrum, which reduces the need for ducking.

This track in particular is indeed kinda wet haha. It's funny you said "bubbling" - I had thought "bubblegum" was an appropriate sounding title, though I wasn't going to actually name it that.
Not sure what my style is still; I just enjoying trying out new things! There are actually 3 years separating the production of Mirror Road and A Feeling of Tread, so I'm happy you find similarities in their sound - hopefully that helped tie them together in the EP.

Thanks again! :D


Zanzlanz responds:

What happened where society stopped building unreasonably large pyramids in the middle of deserts? Imagine the beautiful pyramids we could make now :D

Haha thanks Duster Rocket :D

Nice song dude!

Zanzlanz responds:

I appreciate it, needle!

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4.59 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2020
11:41 AM EDT
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5 MB
3 min 8 sec
  • FL Studio

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