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Corkiii - Mining Under The Sea Of Planet Aquarius

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Some psytrance fusion thing i made, i kinda like it. I was going for an underwater space feel for this one. This one also has a story but ill type it out someday. Anyways hope you guys like this one i guess.

“I like how fast his music taste is. It’s so intense u cant headbang” - Akira.

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alr heres the story for this one:

So its supposed to be about these people who live in a sort of space craft. They don't have a lot of resources so they built this teleporter type thing that can send them to different planets in a sort of star wars hyperspeed kind of way. Also no, this isn't the same group as the people in both of the planetparty120 songs. While they are very similar, the difference between the groups is that the one in this song is more of a group who got stranded on the spacecraft where the group in planetparty is like a civilization that migrated from their planet to live in space. And while the group in planetparty also has these missions where they go to different planets to get resources, this group however built a teleporter for these kinds of missions in order to get resources. Welp anyways onto the events. So the beginning is supposed to be like focusing on the space craft and everyone in it. Then the build up is supposed to be the people preparing to get into the teleporter then the weird scream thing is supposed to be them going into hyperspace. And the sample of the astronaut talking is supposed to represent the guy in control of the teleporter getting it ready. Then the transition from the build up to the first drop is supposed to be them crashing into the ocean of the planet. Then the first drop is supposed to be them driving around in their submarine thing looking at all the wildlife and the scenery while searching for a cave that is supposed to have these very powerful crystals that can help fuel their ship for a long time. The reason why i chose psytrance for a underwater type song is cause i felt like the drowsy and muffled bass fits perfectly with the feel of being underwater you know? Anyways, the weird switch up during the middle of the drop is supposed to be them actually start mining around in the cave which explains why i used the harder kick to emphasize more of an impact for that section. They end up finding the crystals but while they were mining around they didn't realize how much of the cave they destroyed. The piano section after that is supposed to represent them traveling out of the sea while looking at all the damage they unintentionally caused which is why i wanted it to sound kinda sad. They end up getting back to their ship fine but they didn't realize that a creature tagged along with them when they were traveling back. The part after the calm part is supposed to be them getting back to the ship fine and them setting up the crystals for them to use as fuel. Right after they're done, they get orders for another mission on a different planet. Then like before, the buildup is supposed to be them preparing themselves and readying the teleporter but while they're doing that, the creature that got into their ship sabotaged the teleporter and messed it up as a sort of pay back for ruining it's planet. So when they were getting ready for take off, the teleporter fails and breaks which is why i did the weird slowdown effect at the end of the build up. As a response to this they were like "wait what happened? why did isn't it working?" which is why i added the chum bucket thing lol. I wanted to find a different sample to use for that part but i ended up sticking with it cause i thought it was funny and it kinda prepares you for the weird last minute of song. Anyways, while the space guys were left in confusion as to why the teleporter wasn't working, it randomly fired up again but instead of just teleporting them to the planet, it started teleporting them to random parts of the galaxy at a super fast speed. Think of it as that one scene in gradians of the galaxy 2 or that one scene of gravity falls you know (https://youtu.be/_yOBa2h5bdk or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umFJyCV33qY). Basically the last minute is just supposed to be them blasting through all these different worlds which is why i had all these different sections that used different instruments. While they were teleporting tho, they tried their hardest to stop the teleporter and in the end they did fix it. While they finished fixing it, they ended up teleporting right back to the spot at which their spacecraft was located and end up crashing into it at high speed. The little calm part at the end with the piano is supposed to be them realizing that they're gonna hit the spaceship and then the 3 kicks are supposed to represent them hitting the spaceship in a movie sort of way where they show different angles of the impact you know. But yeah thats pretty much the story.

Here's a cookie if you read this far.

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I really, really love this man. Even without reading the story, I kinda imagined my own while listening to this. I like that you kept the song so versatile. That way it doesn't become boring and it really engulfes you. My favorite part is probably 0:57. The Psy bass is sooo good and I love these little sounds thrown in there. It really creates an intense atmosphere. It's very space-like! The part at 2:19 is cool, but caught me off guard a bit, because it's such a stark contrast to the previous part. I really like 3:13 as it's very calming and storytelling. Lovely midsection! It's even better now as I read the story. 4:39 threw me off first, but then I read the story and I loved it haha. It's very sporadic and these voice samples really underline the chaos that is going on. I really like it though and it fits to the theme of the song.

Overall, awesome track. I can tell that a lot of work went into it. You really get better and better with each song. I would even say that it's my favorite song from you yet :)

Keep up the great work!

(sorry for my English)

Corkiii responds:

I'm glad you like it bro. Even though i made it in 2 d a y s I still put a lot of effort into it and it means a lot that you consider this one your fav from me lol. And I'm glad you like the story as well as i put a lot of effort into making the atmosphere represent the story well. That reminds me, i still have to write down the stories i made for my other songs lol. Well anyways, I'm glad you like this one and ill try to get more songs finished in the future.

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