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Author Comments

Inspired by the Stardew Valley Ost. More specifically a song called, The Wind Can Be Still.

--Thank you for listening!--

Leave a review! I take all feedback I can get!

Just ask if you need any song of mine, it helps me out as well!

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Hey PandaThePanda,

Listened to your track and the Stardew Valley track that inspired you.

You've captured the feeling of the OST pretty well, and created a soundscape that would be quite fitting with the rest of the OST.

Of course I'm here to outline the issues in the hopes that it will make your next track even better, since I've listened to a couple of your tracks and it seems there's a reoccurring issue in each one.

This particular track has quite a bit of rogue low-end, that permeates the spectrum, specifically where it's actually almost completely inaudible at the 20hz-50hz, even as low as almost 0hz.

In a track this short with as few elements as it contains, it's not exactly a huge problem, however in another track of yours "Colonizing Space" a similar problem exists but in the 400hz-500hz range, maybe even up to 600hz. And what it's doing is creating listening fatigue, and increasing the volume of the track in a non-beneficial way.

Back to "Glaciation", if you look at this project in your DAW starting at 0:07-0:08, pull up an EQ and look at how much volume resides in the 50hz and below range. Also notice how it steadily increases as the intro progresses, despite the fact that the low end is one of the least audible portions of the track at this point. These kinds of rogue spectrum bands will add unbeneficial volume to a mix.

If you've ever been attempting to mix your music, and noticed your song was appearing loud on a db meter despite the fact that it didn't seem as loud as it was reading, this is why this happens. And this volume that could have been better used elsewhere, will unfortunately never be used, and instead be delegated to an unbeneficial, sometimes even in-audible source.

I guarantee if you listen to your track, use a high pass slope on your EQ and slowly pull away up until about 40hz, you'll add a lot more headroom to your track and remove this listening fatigue. At least when it comes to this particular song.

There are certainly more odds and ends to point out, but I'd rather focus on this issue, as I feel it's extremely important if your music is to improve. Since it'd be a shame to not have your music sound, as it good as it makes you feel.

PandaThePanda responds:

Thanks for the review, seriously!

But since I'm always trying to learn as mush as possible I'm hoping you can maybe answer some questions I have about this.

So fist about the low end, I'm assuming you put it thru a spectrum viewer and saw some super low frequencies there. But I put a high-pass at the master buss that should have removed the 0-25hz range. So I looked at it thru SPAN now, and it didn't show any movement there ether. I guess I might be overlooking something here thou. Do you suggest I should remove all the way up to 40-50hz?

Another question, you looked at my other track as well and found the same problem but in the 400-600 range. So you suggest I should lower the volume there, is the problem that the frequencies are playing to mush and never calming down or are they to harsh on the ear?

And finally if you have some more "tips" or feedback I would gladly take some more so I can make more professional music! If you don't have the time I'm still grateful for the long review.

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2020
2:10 PM EDT
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2 min 35 sec
  • FL Studio
Misc. Kit
  • FL Chan

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.