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Spin - Rolling Again Remix

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Instrumental version: https://metapop.com/DJNeu/tracks/spin-rolling-again-remix-instrumental/141169


Time Spent: Mixing: 16 Hours, 1 Minute Mastering: 16 Minutes Total Time: 16 Hours,17 Minutes Plugins: 87 Channels: 47 Mixer Tracks: 37 Remix Original: Spin By: Kassich Link: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/481538 Vocal Samples by Zelazon Lyrics: Intro: From my crystal ball I can see the goal that is so far The waterfall is right in front of me To the end, high speed is the key to victory Racing Down the end to the volcano Where the bomb is placed, it is going to explode We have no time to waste Stages in place Blocking our path We hit the bomb real fast It sends off blasting at the airship Now it’s falling to the sea We don’t know where the ship landed It’s a mystery Going in the water Under Power It’s a sight to see Sunken ships in the deep And now I’m starting Chorus 1: From my crystal ball I an see the goal that is so far I’ve come all this way I will be the one that saves the day From my crystal ball I can see the goal that is so far Now we found the fiend We will pave our way in history Bridge: Caught by a whale No end to this tale Still in the ship wrecked cave My luck is weird Now that I am here It is time to escape The hideout is near Past my amusement fear The rides I will not take I must rise high Past the clock tower sky And find my way to space The pot boils I am small, oh no! We need to be set free The clothes smell bad And above a bath We don’t need to be clean Now we are here In the clock tower gear The rocket is hidden near To space we go Rocket left the floor We must follow its course Transition: The flight in space To the colony We’ll be ready To stop that crazy fiend Chorus 2: From my crystal ball I can see the goal that is so far The base of that fiend We must destroy is and we must leave From my crystal ball I can see the goal that is so far We are back at start Our journey is over, we are done Outro: Banana, Curry… Uh? That’s not a good flavor. Banana, Curry. No. I will never eat that. Banana, Curry… Uh? Who would want to try that? Banana, Curry. No. Throw that idea away. Banana, Curry… Uh? That’s not a good flavor. Banana, Curry. No. I can’t even think this straight… However, normal curry is a great food to try And you will be happy you didn’t pass it by. Information/Description: I contacted Kassich a few months ago asking to remixing a song he made in 2012. When I asked, I didn’t have a real idea of what I wanted so I worked on Space Case, Space Case 2, and all the other songs that came to me before really diving down on this song. I had periodically worked on this song, but nothing really connected with me to make the song work until it just started to make sense. Once I had a solid idea, I started borrowing ideas from both the original “spin” song and from Super Monkey Ball 2. Nothing is considered copyright infringement in this song since this is more of an outside perspective of the gamer’s view to events versus the storyline elements that happen in the game. The storyline itself… is… something. Having not seen the storyline in over many, many years, I had to watch the AiAi and the team do their “heroic dance” (shoot me) over and over again until I got to the parts that I could use for the song. Dr. Bad-Boon… is a creepy dude. A very creepy dude. Like stop. Oh, and the outro might be a confusing to understand, but after the player completes the Space Colony World, the goal of the doctor was to shoot a laser at the world that makes all bananas taste like curry, which at first I thought wasn’t too bad since I like curry, but the more I thought about it, the more I disliked the idea. Curry should stay curry, and bananas should stay bananas. My personal opinion over an irrelevant topic. But back on topic, it’s great to revisit a series I haven’t see in a few years and be able to mix it into a song that sounds like a super monkey ball level. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this remix! Made with FL Studio 20.5. VSTs used: Serum Sytrus Flex Synthesizer V (Eleanor Forte) Various FL Studio Instruments and SFX Mixing/Mastering: Fl Studio Tools Izotopes Music Production Suite

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For some reason this is striking me as "If Hatsune Miku spent a week listening to nothing but White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane".

Fun and funky and original! But I have to say, the high-register Vocaloid hurt my brain a bit.

The-Neu responds:

Thank you very much!

Woah, now this is what I call stunning!

The-Neu responds:

Thank you!

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Oct 11, 2020
11:18 PM EDT
Video Game
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