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The Final Stretch - NGADM 2020 - FINAL

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"The Final Stretch!"


The Newgrounds Podcast feat. Contest Finalists

//Round Three

//Round Two

//Round One

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Didn't think I'd end up here in the final, at all... So here is my last song. It's been an absolute blast doing the NGADM, and I've met some really cool people through it!

This is supposed to be a boss battle (a pretty edgy one at that, lol), where I've taken everything I've learned over the course of this contest and collated it into one track, and some added influences from my roots in PR0G.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to listen and leave comments, I hugely appreciate it.

What a blast.

I hope you like it, also it's best in headphones!

Here's to the rest of 2020, have a great rest of the year and a spoopy Halloween...

// Please rate and/or leave a comment, especially if you download the track! I would appreciate the heck out of that.


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this song makes me so pumped

Mackievellian responds:

Yaaaassss, the intended effect.

I really enjoy listening to this. There are many awesome melodies and solos, and the leads sound extremely expressive. I like the 2000s video game sound quality for the most part - it's indeed charming. There's a lot of variation and complexity, so the listening experience is constantly stimulating. 3:30 is one of my favorite moments.

Mackievellian responds:

Thanks Everratic for the nice comments. Glad you enjoyed it, man.

This was really fun and super enjoyable to listen to. I love the retro feel to it, and I think that aids all the beautiful melodies in standing out nicely! Very catchy and well done. Good luck :)

This is a roller coaster of a track. No going back– strap on and let’s go.
I have to ride several times through to try to catch everything.
That counter melody at 51 seconds perks my ears every time I listen.
This really concludes well, and the heart beat persisting in the end made me laugh the first time. The piece just doesn’t want to die.
Overall, it’s a fun ride, and now I need to go ride the merry-go round so I can relax and breathe.

Mackievellian responds:

LOL. It had to be ONE MORE than expecting. The final doesn't die so easily... Cheers Phono.

Official '20 NGADM Finals review

The writing style is so unique but it feels familiar. Maybe it's the synths you're using, maybe it's some of the melodic writing, I'm not sure but I don't hear stuff like this enough. You've also managed to make something that's high energy, but definitely not tiring. The melodies are super complex too but also still fun to listen to, and I find myself struggling what to say because it's really good at multiple levels. One thing I really appreciate is that you don't shy away from messing with the time signatures and bringing across interrupting measures. 3:00 is a great example, and you throw them into the structure like nothing and they flow well. There's a bunch of spots like it too where you kinda have instruments that shout at the end of the phrase without like 3:47, 0:48, 2:38, there's more spots than I could mention that make the composition super complex and I thoroughly enjoy. Also your fantastic use of harmonies that's just everywhere and in everything. It's such a great example of how just about everything is used together to highlight the main idea of the song, and not just harmonies that ride along with the melody. The arpeggiation at 0:35 is littered in so many fitting spots, my favorite being how it gets introduced leading into 3:00 and quickly becomes the main voice of that section. There's also details like the strings at 1:04 that are a slower reprise of the melody that they're directly referencing to. This is a compositional feast lol. The only minor critique is coming from a drummer is that I feel like the drums could have done a few things to help emphasis attacking or shouting chords instead of straight grooves in the main sections. Like 0:50 ish and the 3:00 section.

As for production, I don't think this could be any better. Each sound works together so well to the main mix, and I love the texture each one has. On their own they might not sound like much, but the way you use them feels so fresh and unique. It's also super clean and polished too. Someone could say they sound cheap, but they add to the charm so much, like the drums and the brass for example. I don't think anything else could have worked with what you have. I'm also really glad you stuck with this style for this round because it's what I wanted to hear and man did you deliver. I'd love to be able to make "videogame music" that sounded like this. Yes it's indisputably retro, but doesn't sound archaic or dated.

Love it. Can't get enough of it.

Mackievellian responds:

Great, thank you. This is a lovely critique, man. Makes me feel GOOD. You know, I thought about sitting in the drummers chair while writing them and I'm thinking, a drummer would put a fill here and here, over there. But I missed some spots... Was thinking mainly for the adding attack to the lone brass sections when they're carrying the melody.

Thanks for your time, my man.

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4.72 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2020
6:47 PM EDT
Video Game
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