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Space Case 1: Defeat Commander Onslaught

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Edit: Instrumental https://metapop.com/DJNeu/tracks/space-case-1-defeat-commander-onslaught-instrumental/141181

Time Spent: Mixing: 27 Hrs, 57 Minutes Mastering: 2 Hrs, 50 Minutes Total Time: 30 Hrs, 47 Minutes Plugins: 98 Channels: 82 Mixer Tracks: 45 Vocal Samples by Zelazon Lyrics/Manuscript: Intro: Hostage: Hello, I’ve been captured Forces are onto me and are boarding my ship I’m using the last of my credits for this message If you’re able to receive this, you’ll find my coordinates here: 74-29-81-42 Please come here as soon as possible I’ll need all the help I can get Forward it to somebody who can help me here with this message Be strong. I hope to see you soon. Onslaught: Bring that fool to me! Captain Siana: Galaxy, where I’ll be The stars alive The moons I have passed by Light speed all the time The phone is ringing The case is here With me around There’s nothing to fear! Chorus: Here we go, there is a space case we know And we show coordinates we have to go We save the day, in space we fight always There is a space case we know And we show coordinates we have to go We are on our way into the milky way! Spybot: I need to get into contact with Onslaught Yes, the detectives are on their way What do you mean you cant get in contact with Onslught I need to speak with him right now Yes, it’s that important I’m not going to have an argument over this You need to get me in contact with Onslught It’s very important If you don’t do it, it could be the end of the army Oh, what’s that noise? Onslaught: Set up the parameter Spybot: Oh… Okay. Onslaught: The detectives are coming and they have plans to rescue the prisoner Spybot: Oh, it looks like you already knew… Onslaught: Gather the ION cannon Spybot: Really? Do we need the ION cannon for this? Onslaught: We will give them a surprise they will never forget! Spybot: For one ship? Bridge: Observer on the ship: When we flew through the space The cannon was in place We see the green light and we asked why We needed the case Commander Onslaught knew What we needed to do Fly into our doom When we asked who was here The answer was too clear The one that lies and relies On their army to fight Too many lives are at stake This cannon strategy quake Don’t make our ship boom We have passed by the green Lazer cannon and we see The army waiting and debating How we will be slain Can we get through this bad storm Of this army of bots swarm We have a surprised The EMP is ready We must be very steady We only have one shot And we must take the chance we see They are on the ground Onslaught has been taken down Get the hostage out Final: Rescued Hostage: Well it looks like you guys save me I’m grateful for it. You know… It could have been the end of me I don’t know how much effort it took to take down Onslaught So with this, here’s my credits And… if I need to contact you again, I’ll be sure to do so Best of luck to you heros… Detectives Signing out. Chorus: Here we go, there is a space case we know And we show coordinates we have to go We save the day, in space we fight always There is a space case we know And we show coordinates we have to go We are on our way into the milky way! Information/Description: This song almost had my computer cry with the amount of stuff I had going on. I purchased a lot of stuff and wanted to put it all to use while waiting for the timeframe of NGADM to fall through. On this song in particular, I found an effect in Serum (a pad specifically that I though I could take full advantage of). Originally, I had no idea what I was going to do with the song, but as I listen to the pad, it gave off a feel of vastness, of a space-like environment, and I wanted to put that feel into good use. Add some strong bass and attempted some dubstep motions that would lead to Commander Onslaught’s part, and there was a strong foundation for utilizing Vocaloid in the song. This song was designed with a three-step process: 1. Get all the music placed together to sound good. 2. Work on the mix to get all the effect to work together. 3. Work on the mastering with the new tools at my disposal. Step 1 was difficult as I nearly gave up on my song trying to apply a De-crackle in the base song and my DAW was having none of that. Izotopes De-crackle utilized too much CPU and must be used sparingly, so I had to focus on getting the parts together with a mindset that I would apply the extra effects on the true mix. Eventually, the mix itself was ready to work with, and I found myself nearly at 100% cpu usage since some of the Mixing tool are super strong. Eventually, I plan to purchase a Ryzen 9 so I can utilize all the VST and Mixing tool without limitation, but so far, it’s been great to work with. Other than that, the lyrics were mostly composed while I had idle time and I spend time making sure that the lyrics would tell a story versus just being filler as I’ve done with previous song. I did ample amounts of recording to get everything right and I think for the limitation my computer currently possess, I’ve done my best to work with what I have.

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Oct 10, 2020
10:20 AM EDT
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