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Dedicated to the Girl Reading This Pt. 3 (feat. Johnny Guy)

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Author Comments

So, Cam made this sick fly beat for girls that are reading this, and I got inspired to made some dope whack lyrics and sing over it. So here ya go. Lyrics below, but check out his original beat:


Am I underwater, 'cause I'm drownin' in tears

This is part three 'cause you still ain't here

Dedicated to the girl reading this part three

Ain't playin' video games, about you and me

Girl you lookin so fine like sixty-four-bit

Eight-bit smile that don't know when to quit

Dedicated to the girl reading this

So distant every day, you're the one that I miss

Didn't catch me on camera with drool

I'd fight for you all through Hyrule

Don't need shrooms to go through the kingdom

I made these lyrics for you, so I'll sing them

I'll jump on the heads of every other guy

Won't let em have a chance, I'ma finna die

To fight for a shot, show you what I got

No rings, no coins, love can't be bought

But I got a price, just for you to listen

I'm about to tell you what you're missin'

Even though I'm not around, and you're feelin' down

What I like about you, not the girls in this town

I see a thousand girls, I know a hundred,

I talk to ten of em, but I only love one I said

Not two birds, one stone, buh dum, tiss

This is dedicated to the girl reading this

If you're in a library, and quiet

Read these lyrics, check it out, buy it

Or you could be the librarian

Whoever's reading this, you're probably not a Martian

Martian? Does that even rhyme?

I don't care, it counts this time

Anyway, if you're a girl and you're reading this

Here's what I like about you, here's a list

You're funny, nice, and really smart

You're beautiful outside and in, got a good heart

Don't ever feel like nothing you do matters

Do what you love, climb that ladder

This isn't sympathy, this isn't charity

You're the only you, that means you're a rarity

You're special, don't think that you're not

I looked in your head, that brain is hot

Don't blame yourself for your faults

We trippin' out here and fall on the asphalt

Get back up, and do a dance

Now's your time, now's your chance

Learn from your mistakes, do what it takes

Before we get stronger, we all gotta break

But, we don't stay broken

Take the controller, insert token

Navigate the digital sea

Don't believe everything you see, but trust me

What you're livin' in is just an illusion

Full of superficial fronts and confusion

One thing you know won't lie

Follow your heart, life's about do or die

If ya don't take risks, if you avoid

Making mistakes, you'll feel a void

You'll have no resolution, no foundation

Learn that it's human, it's a subway station

We're just hoppin' on trains and finding our way

Discovering new sights where we can play

It's always a brand new day

So don't worry about what the haters say

Dedicated to the girl reading this

I hope you find your way, you deserve happiness

Dedicated to the girl reading this

You special, girl

And you rock all eight of my worlds

That was a video game reference

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lol video game SIMP song

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Nah simps are people that fawn over the women that treat them like trash and give those women money. This is love yo xD lol

voice reminds me of like brother ali, any way kidna corny but i dig it.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Thanks lol

That bit crushed opening was the most satisfying thing to listen too.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:


I kind of wish there was some more bass here and there, slightly tighter rhymes, but overall this is a wonderful creation! Will be shared with a special someone :)

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Ah well i didn't do the beat thats Ninjamuffin99 but i feel ya. Tighter how out of curiosity? Hey thanks though.


ThatJohnnyGuy responds:


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Oct 10, 2020
5:22 AM EDT
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