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Among The Stars

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Had a lot of trouble with this one because I couldn't manage to write a decent intro/outro. The intro was deleted three or four times before I settled with this one. The overture and coda are usually the easy parts of the song to write. If you start by writing the hook, everything else just falls into place around it. The intro can echo the hook's motif sheepishly. An outro can be faked with a fade out.

Many years ago I got it in my head that good songs were 4-5 minutes. I'm finding more and more often that a good song doesn't need to be long at all. This one is borderline too short but I'm not gonna lose sleep over it. This whole year I gave into bad habits and loved the results. Why stop now?

Titular dialogue samples are from Carl Sagan and Robert MacNeil's "Violent Universe" 1969.

Post script, I'm still pissed I didn't get into this years death match/underdog comp and I'm too petty to go be happy for the finalists. If I was paying any attention though, I'd probably be rooting for Mackievellian. His last track was pretty fucking tight.

EDIT: a friend on facebook asked about the drums and it might help people so I'll include the text here...

I use three instances of Reason's Redrum machine. The bass drums and snare drums get routed into two different signal mergers then sent through separate equalizers, compressors, maximizers and stereo imagers. There's usually three to four snare signals and three bass drums. Those different drums all have their own unique foot print on the drums they contribute layers to but you can solo the different individual drums to get more variety from a kit. Ghost snares are a great example because they contribute to the main snare but stand out on their own via the off beat accents. There are a bunch of pitch bends to give the drums a sense of harmony.

Sometimes I put delay on a tamb or hi hat to emulate live dynamics. Automate the value up and down over time to really control it.

The drums get their own mixer. Instead of chaining that mixer straight to the main mixer, it goes through a filter first. Typically, the filter is set to off and automated on when necessary.

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Woah this tune is fuckin' nice. Glad you liked my track btw. ;)

Wow, I have a track named exactly like this. But it's nowhere as good as yours.

Quarl responds:

lol, it's not a competition. I bet the name is super common. I have a rule to name tracks after their primary sample as a show of respect to the source ao "among the stars" it was. Thanks for the listen Teo :D

Can you tell me what program you use to make these works of art I used looplabs to make music but it was closed by google so I'm stranded and I couldn't continue making music but while I get a program I spend it mixing music from other producers and one day I'll be a professional dj but I'm still stuck on the theme of the program to make music can you tell me which one you use?

Quarl responds:

Lol, I use Propellerheads Reason. I upgraded from garageband back in 2007 or 2008.

Most programs these days are flexible enough to do anything a home producer wants to make. A lot of newgrounds users like Fruityloops. Mac users like Protools. Cubase and Reaper still get used. There are so many DAWs to pick from. I'd recommend trying a few of the trial versions to see which one fits best. I was learning how to operate modular synthesizers irl at the time so Reason clicked for me perfectly.

Ask around in the audio forum, all the older users are super helpful! Youtube videos can give you a great idea how to navigate these programs. Good luck nelmol :)

Well this made my week even though i'm late, amazing work as always.

Quarl responds:

No worries love, it's always good to get a trickle of new listens :D

All the random sounds just add something to it. And I mean the ones that sound like they come from Star Wars.

Quarl responds:

lol, I've sampled Star Wars before. X-wings and Tie Fighers are favorite sounds of mine. Lightsabers powering on are also incredibly identifiable. They make great crescendo segues into new bars, especially if you pitch bend them over time with automations.

Most of the sound fx are synths, I prefer the control you get from them but some of the sounds are samples from other places. Those I like to try and keep identifiable, such as that little ring of Sonic in this song. I'm not gonna hide that.

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Oct 7, 2020
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