Try Breathing Without Lungs

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It's a song. You listen to it. Then you say, "Good job, SysRq! Here's ten dollars!"


neat song

that was good though I will admit it did get repetitive at times. really though i found it to be quite entertaining although i had heard more of the background then the piano.

So i'm gonna give you a 4 out of 5 and a 8 out of 10
and your definetly putting effort into this unlike alot of the songs i have heard in the portal.

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SysRq00 responds:

Thanks for the review, this one's actually back in the chop shop to be torn down and rebuilt as something else. I consider this song to be just a couple of riffs that got misused in this song, so look for another song with a similar title in the near future.


The intro synth was too loud, and the drums are too quiet. I could hardly hear the kick or the snare. The synth themselves aren't that bad really, you actually did a decent job of programming them. They are a bit repetitive, but I can get over that. Really though this track just needs a lot of mixing done to it. Try putting a compressor on the kick and snare. Especially the kick to give it some punch. Even a bit of distortion wouldn't be a bad idea. I'd also turn down the synths quite a bit and pan the ones that kick in at 1:36.

SysRq00 responds:

Distortion on the kick and the snare or just the kick? I think both would sound good, I'll give it a shot and re-upload. definitely under mixed on this one, I guess I was just anxious to get this one on NG. All I really have is just a couple filters on the synth leads. Thanks so much for reviewing, I'm a long time fan of your music.

promising, but a little rough around the edges.

the Intro is... less of an intro and more of a "hey look, it's an acidy pattern". but if you ignore how you got there, it's a good pattern, and then the piano comes on to it well. the Percussion is very good.

It gets a liiiittle bit repetitive at times, around 1:30 before the synth lead comes in. sometimes you just have to shorten the "break" periods.

it's a nice piece, but it doesnt'r eally go anywhere. you have the "intro" the perc coming in, then the piano, then it leaves, then the synth, and then it just fades out (which could've been done better. how'd you make it fade? I suggest just putting the mp3 into a program like Audacity and then just using that to fade out)

all in all it could've been more dynamic, but the good beats and piano/synth riffs are there. and longer can be better, just not too long :P

regretting to give it only a 3/5,


SysRq00 responds:

Yeah, I put 'er into Audacity to do the fade. I agree with you, I could have done better for that. There's a couple things I'd like to fix, which means this might get re-uploaded some time in the near future. Thanks for reviewing!

Really nice

I liked this. The main melody is very fast-paced, and it's not off beat (thank god) This is awesome. Nice work.


The intro was misleading, sending me straight into a somewhat relaxed, in-the-background beat. I was expecting more of a boom to happen.

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Sep 16, 2007
4:46 PM EDT
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