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Piercing Lazer - Simple Sight 2020 (feat. Dustin Dean)


Author Comments

My final album and single under Piercing Lazer are out now! Crypt: The Simple Sight Collection and the music video for the single, "Simple Sight 2020" featuring co-founding member of Piercing Lazer, Dustin Dean (guitar solo, screams, partial mixing)!

Buy the album for $2 until Halloween: https://piercinglazer.bandcamp.com/album/crypt-the-simple-sight-collection

Simple Sight 2020 Music Video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=fOAwaiE40nY

Lyrics Video: https://youtu.be/Wn5Mt52m_j8

This marks the end of Piercing Lazer. Lyrics below. I'd also like to thank my friend Jenny Glynn / @JensVerse for the amazing job on the album cover! Go check out their pages!

Dustin Dean (guitar/scream vocals):




Jenny Glynn (cover artist/model/photographer/editor):




Verse 1

I tried my best, the end is nigh

It doesn't matter how hard i try

All i wanted was a life to live

A stable life, with much to give


Sinking and slipping

I'm drowning and dripping

The darkness is pulling me down

I have a crisis of identity

Where do I belong, the purpose for me


I didn't come all of this way

To be forgotten to my dismay

I have been falling from the light

Nothing, nothing, but simple sight

Is it difficult, am I an imbecile

When my life feels, so empty and null

I can't stand this tide

Pulling me into a sea of lies

I wish they'd see

The other side of me

These chains that hold me down

Like i'm only good for one thing now

Who gave them the right to decide

To only give me one shot to do things right

Don't underestimate my fight

Nothing, nothing, but simple sight

Verse 2

How many times do i have to fade

To sell my soul away

Strip every part today

My heart and soul decayed

Another year where nothing matters

Another day where I feel sadder

I've lost the strength to try

Every day I die inside


Suck my soul away

Just watch me fade

They won't care anyway

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Intensely metal, i like it

Ooh, a full version?! :D :D :D


ThatJohnnyGuy responds:


I thought I peed me a little listening all that, thank God not, fortunately

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Haha thank you

I get a pang of sadness every time I see a new version of Simple Sight. The song's 12 years old and I'm sure having people tell you it's your best song when you've done so much since then (The Other Side comes to mind) is draining. That said, this version really is better in every imaginable way. The harsh vocals stand up really well (clean vocals are a bit quiet at times,) the solo is fantastic, and the drums are nice and crisp. The lyrics are a little crawling-in-my-skin but it's not necessarily a bad thing.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

You understand why this song was made then and the depressive state of mind I was in when I made it. I'm expanding on that on the last episode of my podcast series Talking Real this Saturday to talk about why I'm abandoning my current YouTube channel and distancing myself from the toxic part of the fanbase. I've been harassed by them to make many new versions, yes.

I've also had my other work insulted like "wahh you only made one good song" over 12 years on top of that. I only made new versions so people would check out my other work, and I half-assed those versions. Though, I must say, this is my favorite version of the song by far, I wanted it to be something I was happy with. I only finished it when I felt better out of depression, the lyrics I kept to raise awareness to show nobody should be treated the way I have been.

You get it. Thank you. Haha Chester vocals yeah I got inspired by him, Disturbed's David, Stone Sour's/Slipknot's Corey, Alice in Chain's Layne, Korn's Jon, Skillet's John, lots of inspirations for this song with the singing style but also those bands inspired the sound of the instrumental too. Thanks! You're very observant.

I just am glad I can finally move on from this song and put it to rest in the "crypt", in a grave. That's why I named the album "Crypt: The Simple Sight Collection", not only as a reference to the necromancer being his theme song, but that I wanted to put this song in the grave and never look back, dropping Piercing Lazer as a project, ending it. The podcast will raise awareness on depression and the effects of fan neglect.

It's also because I was too focused on success and not having fun or being happy doing what I want to enjoy, but therapy helped and I had to go through a dark place giving up everything due to all that for 2 weeks, before I finally realized what would make me happy. I wanted a new start, and a new name to reflect the new me, leaving the past behind. I'll expand more on this on the podcast this Saturday.

For too many years I kept trying to please these horrible people, these manipulative, ungrateful, leeches, that kept trying to suck me dry for one song, when I clearly made better songs, but they didn't treat me like a person or anyone capable of more. But, I don't let it get to me anymore, I had to realize what happiness is all about, it's about having fun doing what you enjoy even if others don't. It's hard, but I'm finally at that peaceful place. I'm just glad I never had that issue with Newgrounds, mostly just YouTube.

This song was to send a strong message to those people in that regard, and I'm not making anymore necromancer theme-related songs ever again. I'm leaving that behind with Piercing Lazer, and moving on to new and better things as Johnny Guy, as I already have. I want these people to see what it's like for a person to experience that, to see the effects they had, and maybe think about what they did, when listening to this song, and the upcoming podcast, so they can learn from it and do better, if they choose to.

Like, imagine people telling you for 12 years "oh this is your only good song your other stuff sucks" every now and then, and many more people just harassing you for more versions of one song even AFTER you make many versions of it already, when you ask them to check out your other work, and they don't, even after you did all that for them. 10,000 subscribers on my channel, only get 200 views per video at best most times, except when I post necromancer related videos because they're just waiting for them, using me.

Ultimately though, its important that I realized I was never going to be happy with success, fame, money, love, friends alone, anything to validate my feelings. The pandemic, and not getting anywhere, are the things that saved me, showed me how to really find that happiness in life by slowing down, rethinking everything.

Note, I'm not saying anyone who likes the song is bad, and I appreciate it when people compliment the song, it's just, y'know...the toxic people who do the things I mentioned and basically "fake follow" me.

Wow, you’ve definitely improved! Love the vocals and guitar too.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Thank you!

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Sep 24, 2020
5:32 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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