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Karco - Miracle

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Author Comments

See http://karco.newgrounds.c om/news/post/26775 for the full description. ;)



felt kinda repetetive to me but i like the beat so whatever. Don't really have much else to say about it definetly was not your best work but still good.

Karco responds:

Yeah, it wasn't my best work, but the melodies were in my opinion the song's redeeming quality. ;) Thanks for the review!


wow karco great song you got there but isnt about time you use better vst and filler and try experiment in new programs also. anyway i like said in my news post it has creepy feeling to it i dont why i feel that way. well great job cant give a perfect 10 so 8/10 will do :D


ps : i see you got a another song ill review that as well :D

Karco responds:

Hey, Carbo! I'm not so sure about better synths, (right? or do you mean FX? PM me) I'm pretty satisfied with what I have. I'm fairly confident in the resources I have to make good songs, it's all about experience now. At least, that's what I think. But I could look for more... any suggestions?

Well, thanks for the good ratings anyway. :) Thanks for reviewing, now onto what could be your other review. ;D

Reviewing while I listen

Nice choice of kick..
good lead ooo nice use of the filter as well

my feet are going with the beat, thats good news
i LOVE a song that uses string, and well!

Wow how are people giving this a low score? I would not be suprised to hear this at a rave, its very uplifting (infact theres a genre called uplifting trance)

You know how to end a song :) (leaving space for a new song to continue, if a DJ has control)

All in all: 5/5 and faved

Karco responds:

Hmm, glad you liked the kick. I didn't think it was as good as it could've been, but glad you think it worked... :)

Yep, strings in this song! :D The composition for them is some of my best, it's one of my favorite parts of the song...

A rave? Somehow I don't think I'm quite good enough for my songs to be played at one of those yet. :P One day, though... >:) Same goes for the whole DJ thing, too. I actually wasn't intending for the ending to work that way, I ended it that way because it's typically how songs of this genre end, and it often works quite well.

All in all: Thanks for stopping by to review, glad you liked it. :P

Very cool.

Hmm, at first I was questioning the song when I started listening to the first few seconds (quick judgement, i know lol), but then this uplifitng upbeat melody comes in and it sounds awesome. Really nice job 5/5 (Don't have time for a long rev :[

Check out my song exultant if yoy get a chance

Karco responds:

First impressions don't necessarily do the rest of the song justice. ;) I've had quite a few songs with so-so intros, but quite pwnsome middle-to-ending parts before. :D And that's fine, no need to leave a long review, though if you really feel like you want to, just post a comment at my news post. :P

I'll check it out! :) I'll definitely listen to it and rate it, and if I have the time, I'll try to review it. No guarantees, though. ;)


Submarines? Radar? I got the same feel as the other reviewer. Nice bang into the main beat. Eh? Big filter on that lead instrument just got bypassed? Orchestra trance! Here is my summary:

-intro had a adventure feel (who doesn't like adventures)
-the sudden volume increase caught me off guard, but it caught my attention (keeping the listener surprised is always a good thing)
-orchestra theme adds to diversity (I never heard you use that kind of style in any of your trances so that is new)
-drums seem to match the beat nicely (I've heard some patterns used in other songs, but also new ones I've never heard)
-I like the gradual fade outs in some of the instruments (nice flow to the song)
-conclusive ending is better than a slow volume decrescendo.

-some of the orchestra instruments had too much reverb or too much sustain (felt a bit messy here)
-trance instruments accompanying the orchestra did not help the clarity
-I don't know what you fl/reason user call it but the typical trance delay at 2:31 is over used by you guys..or in short not original anymore (do you call it the oscillater?)
-ending is long, especially that cymbal crash that continues to play when the song is basically finished (that is an easy fix so no big deal)

Overall this song is nice. Kept me interested for the full 4 min 37seconds. The orchestral part had a epic feel and yep this is your best work to date. I know its a lot better than a bunch of the songs on the top 50 list. Unfortunately exposure is more important than talent on NG and in fact is applicable to the whole world too. Oh well, I like being the under dog. Hope you do too. I know it helps me to maintain my drive to become better every next song without the pressure. 5 vote and 9 stars. Bye for now

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Karco responds:

Hey, Music-story! I'll just go down those points one by one:

- An adventure feel? I suppose all long songs have an adventure feel of some kind or another in some remote sense. I can hear it in this one. :P
- Glad you liked the volume increase, I was trying to bring the song up as much as possible without making the transition too sudden. :)
- The orchestra, and the part that it plays in the song was INCREDIBLY hard to make, believe me. ;) It definitely is new. I was trying out a new style, inspired by Sirene, which I've linked to in my latest news post. ;)
- Glad you liked the drums, not much to add here...
- Hmm, flow isn't one of my stronger points, in my opinion. But glad you thought it worked. :)
- Agreed. ;D

Now for the 'blips' as you call them... :P
- Hmm. Too much reverb? I was trying to get it to be flowing all together, to sound less like a chord progression and more like a chord changing slowly, while still sounding like the basic chord progression... and one of the tools I used to do that was the reverb. It's a bit ironic when comparing this statement to one of the techniques I used, but I don't think I'll give my techniques away so easily... :P
- There were no trance instruments accompanying the orchestra, except for the crash and the hit in the very beginning and very end. When the chord progression is played through for the second time, it's a sawpad playing it.
- Hmmm... I don't know what you're talking about, really. 2:31 is when the climax of the song starts, so it could be anything. XD Maybe it's the lead? That's my best guess... true, it's not very original, but when done right, it's awesome, or at least in my opinion. I'm not going to stop using saws for leads but I will try to make them sound more original. ;)
- The ending is long, but it's a progressive ending, which is normal (and, in my opinion, could even be expected sometimes) in this genre. I'll try to make them more interesting... ;) I let the crash echo out like that because, otherwise, it would cut off, and believe me, it doesn't sound good at all. ;)

Long review, thanks a lot! :) I do need to get out there and review more stuff, but I hardly have time anymore, so my exposure's not too high these days. :( I try. Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the high ratings! Glad you enjoyed it. Look forward to my next. >:)

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3.99 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2007
3:50 PM EDT
File Info
6.3 MB
4 min 37 sec

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