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Flesh Fields Miasma


Author Comments

Intentions for this is for NGADM Round 2. I experienced a crippling issue with the project 3 hours before deadline and pretty much had to reconstruct (to the best of my abilities) as much of the pre-crash project's state as possible. There's still small sections missing and some slight balancing issues, including an end extension and some certain arp-pulses and transitional aid's, but I've at least found out how to circumvent the render crashing and at least get this uploaded in an as-is state, even if it's a couple of hours late because of said technical issues ruining everything.

Fun fact: The choir between 1:37 to 1:47 is chanting "Hunger For Your Flesh". Would of had it double-stacked, but PLAY engine is awful and doesn't like it haha

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The opening of it is very unnerving and I mean that in the most positive. Those sounds, seem to invoke a primal fear in me. The overall song, is very tense and pretty adept when it comes to psychological horror psychological horror. The Choir itself sounds like you went to Hell and gathered their most tortured souls.

This is a NGADM Round 2 review.
All scores are out of 10, with a total of 50.


This feels more like a progression than a structured piece, though I feel elements of structure in there, in the arps, in the rhythm. Your soft-loud is certainly on point.

The piece feels like it's been conventionally structured like a cinematic trailer: loud section that builds tension, a brief period of softness or silence, and then finally a much louder section that serves as the climax of the piece before tapering off. Though I use the word "structured" relatively loosely, it feels more like A-b-C-D-A at this point.

The chords in this piece, and the harmonies you have introduced, especially at 1:36 onwards, are purposefully discordant / detuned but still sound harmonious and ominous all at once. The sounds you have used here have been picked well; the full impact of these I go over in Emotion below, and these and the structural choice influence my score.

You end with a rhythmic motif that you introduced at 0:38, nicely tying up loose ends.


Lush, wide, atmospheric, incredibly spine-chilling and visceral. Everything was balanced and had its proper place in the mix.

More instrumentally dense sections could do with a bit more fatness -- there's a great deal of high-end but the lows and some mids could be boosted a bit, something I feel you are doubtless aware of.


The beginning did well to give me the feeling of dread, with what sounded like primordial ooze or the secretions of some abomination being let loose. When the rest of the instrumentation came in, it felt tense and frightening, and it gave me the visuals of people in a laboratory or wherever, in a heightened state of readiness to fight the looming threat, which seems remote to them at first, but they know it is imminent and could pounce on them at any minute. The heartbeats sealed the deal re: that feeling of dread; I felt my hair standing on end and my spine growing cold. I felt a heightened sense of physical readiness, the fight-or-flight reaction.

The choir singing "HUNGER FOR YOUR FLESH" in its distorted tone caused my heart to sink with fright. It felt like some monster with the ability to speak our language was crying this out. The screeching leads towards the end felt like a mournful song and a scream of agony all at once.

The ending, as it trailed off, brought to mind the destruction left behind by the theoretical abomination I spoke of above.

All the visual pictures this evoked in me were vivid, and the reactions I described were viscerally felt. Certain parts of the mix -- notably the higher frequencies -- were able to bring that spine-chill, that creeping feeling.

While I did feel this viscerally, I feel that the lack of fatness in the more instrumentally dense sections made me feel slightly wanting, emotionally -- the fatness would have driven it home like nails in already open wounds. Don't get me wrong: the piece is emotionally powerful as is, and it's going to take me a short while to recover from what I have just perceived.


Yours is a style I recognise from a mile away. The blend of industrial, goth, choral and metal / power fry that you use is unmistakable.


I remember the leads, I remember the feel of the piece, the choirs singing "HUNGER FOR YOUR FLESH," the screaming strains in the end, the sound effects that lend to the spine-chilling feeling I spoke of above... The piece has stayed with me for a good long while after it had ended.

Will I be listening to this again? YES, in more sober conditions perhaps. Will I be recommending this to other listeners? YES, YES, ABSOLUTELY YES.


TOTAL: 47/50

The tune gives a feeling of unease and as if one had just royally screwed up and wound up somewhere they wished they could have never ended up at. Normally a chaotic feeling rhythm would be something I find cacophonous and unbearable to hear but in this case, it seems like quite a structured type of chaos.

I feel like at least two seconds of silence could be clipped out from the start to be honest. Not a major thing but seems kind of weird to me for the beat to finally start after three seconds. Otherwise, holy hell does this tune get rather creepy and evil sounding as seems to be the goal of the song. That pounding bass hits so damn hard too.

The structure seems so well done. Makes me think of a mix of Earthbound's Starman Jr. theme, DOOM, Undertale, and at times Silent Hill.

Not something I think I would want to rehear outside of a video game setting to be honest, this would make one hell of a boss battle theme or theme for when you just entered a really messed up level in a horror game.

I don't hear too many horror based tunes so I feel this was a rather original tune with a lot of potential it could have gone for.

Love it, love heavy industrial feel to it, goes really well with the voices. Good job.

When I saw the name the first thing I thought of was the Crimson Biome from Terraria and it did not disappoint. Unnerving, atmospheric and strangely captivating.

Credits & Info


4.41 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2020
6:58 AM EDT
File Info
7.2 MB
3 min 11 sec

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