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Every Little Issue

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Author Comments

My submission for the NGUAC knockout round. A string broke on my electric so I just went with the flow, wrote something acoustic and pulled out my best impression of a hi-hat.


I've been running round, in and out of time

Round this shoddy town, feeling out of bounds

I've been coming down, running down the line

And the sirens loud, they're screaming out for mine

And everything must run its course for you, for you

When every little issue in your head is true, for you

I've been running round, but I'd settle down with you

All this spinning round, we can figure it out with two

Well everything must run its course for you, for you

When every little issue in your head is true, for you

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I'm not sure if that's vinyl distortion, or digital I'm hearing on the sides in your acoustic. I'm going to guess intentional from the distorted vocal. There's a bit of 0-250 hz screaming on the bottom of that, sounds like. I'd cut it.

Voice wise, great style. I would take off some resonant freqs in the mids with a multiband compressor, and compress them a lot more overall. Bring them up in the mix on the non-distorted parts.

Overall really cool idea and presentation, somewhat hampered by vocals not cutting through until you distort them. Without that, they sound a little muffled.

Drums, I would also compress a lot more and cut down on the reverb some, unless you want to apply gated reverb to the snare. Could also use a stereo component to that shaker type percussion in the right channel. The reverb touches the other channel, sounds like, but you could just put a ride or something occasionally to give the left balance.

Overall, cool little jig. I enjoyed listening to it, although I did have to turn it down at points with the aforementioned peaky distorted vocal. At a more comfortable volume, it was a nice little trip into outer space :)

Thanks for coming out to NGUAC!

TheRealFool responds:

The distortion on the guitar is digital, and actually mostly the result of cutting off the highs and lows (plus a slight flanger to give it a bit of a spacy quality, but that's also present in the second part). I certainly could've done some more to try and make the distortion sound less resonant at times though, this was the first time I tried doing something like this so I'll just chalk it up to a lack of experience in making things sound purposefully bad in a good way. I'm also usually pretty hesitant with compression, but I'll be sure to take your tips into consideration for future work.

Thanks for the review and happy to hear you enjoyed it!

First impression, LOVE your vocals, the effect could possibly bring down some of the high end in the eq, but man, your voice is very good. Very good melody writing on the vocals.

Spicy tasty chord progression throughout. Great vocal balance on the chorus, I could use a little more high end on the kick, not too much, just something to define that kick a little more, and my headphones are pretty low end clear. Good stereo spacing in the mix, this is a great mix and master overall. I love the idea of the song as a whole so muuuch.

I have a disadvantage at judging live recorded tracks and really need to get my musical hands in the realm of live audio recording and production. I dont know the struggles and challenges or any advice to give you. Is sidechain compression a thing that can even be DONE on a live audio track, or SHOULD be done? Thats about the only huge gripe I have.

Over all i like the original structure, a three part pouring of your heart out.

I especially love the RAW vocals. meaning how they are BENT with emotion and seemingly sadness. You're not trying to impress ANYONE with the tone of your voice, yet, that does all the impression it needs to. its raw, it emotional, great work. Great voice.

Love the vocal writing, love the lyrics, I'm impressed! Great ending and outro, WELL DONE!

Great submission to the NGUAC!

TheRealFool responds:

Thank you for the review! Regarding side chain compression, I don't think the musical gods will smite anyone who uses it for live recordings, but I personally prefer not to so as to not make it sound too electronic. That being said, maybe just a small bit of compression could work to make the kick pop more without making it sound overly produced, maybe I'll give that a shot next time.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed this track--the closest thing I can think of that this sounds like is Broken Social Science, but I wish it had some sort of a climax. Maybe a fuller drum part at the chorus or second verse and/or a nice melody (technically a countermelody)--something to ramp up the energy after getting used to the distorted energetic vocals. Very nice vocal processing, and I enjoyed the highhat.

TheRealFool responds:

I certainly understand your thoughts about feeling like it needed something more, as I've been grappling with the thought of adding some more melodies, but each time I felt like I was taking away more from the song than I was adding so in the end I chose to keep the instrumentation rather sparse. I really appreciate the review, thanks for taking the time!

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3.41 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2020
7:39 AM EDT
File Info
8.1 MB
3 min 32 sec

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