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On to a Shining Season

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2020 nguac knock-out round entry.

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I love the middle section and outro

Im loving this intro, great mixing, great little wobbly high end sound effects in the background, love the bells/piano in background, love the vibe, great intro, great mixing, real full mix here. I remember enjoying this one very much while judging. Love when you bring everything down, the bells here are great, great melody and complimentive harmonies. OOh nice chord change before the drop at :37, love some spicy chord changes. Any time someone can properly utilize notes outside of the key, my ears are happy.

The drop is solid, great mixing, good layering on your snare. I always say layering your snare is one of the most important things you can do, a non layered snare sounds dry, bland, thin, (unless you have a pretty good sample, but even then, whoever made the sample probably layered stuff) So good job here. Love the clarity on your drop, no heavy reverb or maybe even at all on your bass. The panning of it DOES get distracting like ADR3 pointed out, im not sure i wouldve noticed it if i didnt read his review or not, but i think that can be toned down a bit. Love the background noises in your drop, i wouldve welcomed a BIT more variation in the drop, maybe more background noises, however you did start to introduce some variation later in the drop and it satisfied my ears, however i was even thinking i wanted some more variation, maybe more layers up before 1:12. its a very small complaint.

I like your mixing and waveform overall, this is my favorite kind of wave form to look at, i can almost tell things will be clear. Little jazzy section at 1:55 is chaotic in a great way. The trumpets are a little weird for me but i like their writing so im not sure about critique there haha sorry. I like the voice or synth you used for them.Great little section you have between 2:28 and 3:50, though i think it was dragged out a bit too long. The ride feels too midi compared to all the other stuff going on, i would bring your non accents down on velocity even more. Love the 3:15 section, reminds me of supergiant games music.

Theres the ride again, maybe a more natural sounding ride. Great writing in this build up, great transition!

YES good variation on the second drop i didnt want to hear the same thing a second time. Though it is catchy and i still wouldve welcomed it. I honestly love a super basic saw bass, put that thing low enough and it makes these gritty harmonics. Love that sub sound. I made Koroshimasu off of a basic saw wave and only effects on the mixer. fun stuff.


SOLID OUTRO, no complaints or critique. and thats a big compliment. Love those drum effects, very very supergiant games. Great vibe at the end. Love it. I loved this piece and it is a great submission!

I scored you a 9 on composition, a 9.5 on Production (mixing and instrument choice etc.) and a 9 over all averaging to a 9.1 overall!

Enjoying the chord changes here. Nice usage of cleaner instruments. Bass sounds good. I probably would take the bass down about 1 to 2 dB. Brave choice panning it back and forth like that. It gets distracting after a while.

Your writing is great, everything is, even that synth trumpet. Everything passes really nicely, super musical. Your synth drums on drops are just hiding in the mix until about 4:20. That may be even my ears getting fatigued and interpreting that as normal volume levels. This a very long song that keeps you guessing.

I would probably recommend just a bit touchier velocity on that ride cymbal. The hits still sound a little... not natural. And I would take it down some in the mids.

Otherwise, absolutely loved this piece. I was not ready for it to be over. Would have liked to end on a i chord after your last note there, probably 2 beats after that attack.

Thanks for coming out to NGUAC! That was a journey :)

I absolutely love the sound of the bass! The jazzier sections are wonderful :)

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4.49 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2020
7:17 PM EDT
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