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〈 Sacrifice 〉

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Author Comments

This was made for the 1st round of 2020 Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch in 14 days. I really hope it isn't that bad, but I barely feel like I'll pass on to the next stage. The website is full of extremely skilled producers, so yeah...

The genre is a weird mix of hybrid trap, deathstep and dubstep. It's got some features from each one here and there, but overall I'd call it dubstep. Also first time using vocals on a track.

153 BPM F minor

Looking forward to feedback.

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The intro makes me feel like the song is building up to something amazing and I keep expecting something heavier to kick in but never hear it. Some parts kind of remind me of the Final Fantasy VIII ost as well.

When the bass drops, I feel the high pitched notes could be lower but otherwise is not bad. The static being added in is a great touch too. Think you could have played with the static a little more for this track too.

Junkrat voice line is golden though, was one of my mains in that game, XD

TheStatic responds:

If by the static you mean the sound at 01:23, then alright. Yeah I think the idea of using this sound was underdeveloped a bit. I just remembered that I did the same thing in Restraint. It's actually a heavily FM'ed bass, which came close to sounding like the static.

I probably should have chosen another character to say the vocal lines, because I didn't really feel like Junkrat quite fits here. I didn't play the game myself, the idea of using Overwatch vocals was actually given to me by a good friend of mine.

And yeah, I can see that I'm mostly building up for nothing in the intro.

Thanks for your review!

The Intro is actually kinda good, although I would have hoped for more ambient effects and sounds.

0:50, here you start to have a lack of hype; Only having strings and this trap beat don't really cut it. Make this section more alive: a longer impact, maybe a choir could help as well, more melodies, fills, etc. It really is up to you how you want this section to feel or how you want it to speak to the listener.

A similar thing happens with the Build Up, but that is mostly because the kick that you are using doesn't cut through the mix and it is not sidechained. Also, the bass you are using is too loud, make sure that next time it is a bit more balanced.

Speaking of not being sidechained and too loud: This is essentially the entire drop.

If you don't sidechain your Kick and your Snare, then they will drown in the mix and almost not the audible. Dylan Tallchief made a great video about the different methods of sidechaining.
And coming to the basses, they are very unbalanced, especially that main screech shot (which also has a lot of high frequencies that need to be cut out). In many cases does Loudness NOT equal to fullness of the mix. I personally put my basses around -6dB to -9dB, since they will eitherway be boosted by the mastering tool in the end.

You know what this second half of the drop needs? Saw Chords. These can help you to fill out the mix, and again: Youtube has tutorials on them.
Also that vocal sample is too loud as well. I personally would drown it in reverb and let it blend in with every element.

Everything I just said can be applied to the second half of the track, so I don't really have anything more to say.
The Idea of the track is good, but the execution is very briddle, but overall I hope I could help you out with my feedback.

TheStatic responds:

Thank you. I already shared my thoughts regarding this review with you on Discord.

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3.63 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2020
1:58 PM EDT
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4 min 30 sec

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