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Kicked in the teeth

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A tribute to ACDC.... hold on a minute, wtf?!

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Great, enough said

The ACDC piece at the beginning is awesome. Great led into the song. And the beat afterwards is just pure heavy metal perfection

Awesome! AC/DCish?

I could be mistaken, but this sounds like AC/DC's Back in Black, with the notes backward or re-arranged. Maybe it's just the beginning playing a trick with my mind though.

Either way, sounds great. Everything I've heard from you so far sounds great. I seriously think some of this shouldn't be free to download, it's so good. Almost feel like I'm cheating ya by legally downloading it.

So I thought: why not spread it around? I'll tell others of your awesomeness.

Fuckin' A Right

I've been listening to your songs all night, and this one is my fucking all time favorite. Great quality and clean as shit! I'll take the intro as a tongue-in-cheek homage to the old while quickly progressing into what rock has truly become... NON-STOP KICK ASS. Best solos I've heard from you in my opinion as well bro!


Awesome song, no tribute to AC/DC XD but still awesome !
And to Bloodfacexxx STFU REALLY
ACDC had the balls to start the "rock" genre, wich like all the adults back then hated, and sued them for having deals with the Devil ( XD ), and ACDC is just good. And I'm not really an ACDC fan, but if you like metal, you MUST like ACDC, wich I certainly do, because ACDC is one of the bands that started it all. If you hate all those old bands, go and fuck yourself, and all those new metal bands get a HELL lot of inspiration by old bands, so even if most of the band members are now 75 y o, they still rock