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This Is A Song That I Made In 1 Day, And Remade In 5 Hours

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For your second submission on NG with the trial of FL Studio, this is pretty good. I like the experimentation with the drumbeat and the overall direction of the main theme.

Objectively looking at this, the mix itself is pretty clean, the samples aren't clashing with eachother in any way and there aren't any points at which the mix is unpleasant. There's a point at which the bass line reminds me of a boss theme from Super Metroid which I thought was neat.

Subjectively, I wasn't super engaged by any particular melody, mainly because there's no structure. It's experimental so I assume this was the intent. I do think you should keep up the hard work, you can get A LOT done with the demo, I used it exclusively for years.

I think there's no hook for listeners to latch onto - it all starts at the same time and the lead wanders about in a spooky kind of melody which is fine if that's what you're going for. But if that is intended I don't think the drum kit/beat really fits that vibe.
I think what I'm getting at is each part should contribute to the overall "vibe" of the song. The bass could be cranked up as well that was hard to hear.

It good but there is always to improve you'r skill in music this song sound like Jazz to me if that what you are going for good job.

I'd challenge you to try coming up with a chord progression with some quick arps or something with sustain. Then have a lead carry you through. Currently your "chord progression" /is/ your melody, and I'd like to hear something with more depth.

Also try coming up with a longer melody and extend that playtime, utilize some bridges and give your song some definite structure (you do have some breaks which is nice). Right now everything moves by a bit quickly. I really like that bass line you have, it's fun.

Altogether it's not by any means a bad song, it's pleasant to listen to, which is more than what I can say about many people that are new to music production.

Drum beat isn't bad. Song itself reminds me of the forest theme in pokemon.

We've got chord changes every two beats. Lot of diminished sounds going on here. That leaves it sounding disjointed almost on purpose, but repetition legitimizes.

It's pretty short.

Now, I actually like the section with the low bass. I'd focus more on that and repeat it more often so that it becomes our chorus. Everything else doesn't really seem to be leading anywhere, especially because of how short the song is in general.

It's important to remember in kinda just tossing out a piece in 5 hours, it's probably not going to be great, unless you've got a full template up with all your instruments and you have in mind EXACTLY what you intend to do with it. During the average song making process you'll probably spend just that amount of time listening, referencing... maybe hear your piece 200 times at minimum, until you go ear dead. For one thing, I'd go onto some song writing channels, see if you can study up on some very basic music theory (it really does help to fill in the gaps when you're just banging away on the piano roll, hating life because you can't get the sounds you want)

Recommend Signals Music Studios, Holistic Songwriting, Ben Levin... The last one is pretty advanced and almost makes me feel like an idiot when I completely zone out on some technical explanations, but he has a lot of great inspiring videos for when you get that awful writers block making music.

In any case, if you really enjoyed making this piece, and trust me, for starting out, this is pretty damn good, it's worth getting a full version of whatever program you feel comfortable with. Some I'd recommend are FL Studio and Mixcraft, though I've heard good reviews for Cubase and Reaper, and Reaper, if you can learn to use it, is borderline free, or, free trial until you can actually afford to pay for it.

Good luck in your music making endeavors! You're off to a great start!

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