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"You know, I'm going to share something that will completely change the way you think about Money. A long while ago, when I was a child, food was less abundant in Bulgaria, so I had an ingenious idea -that we would buy the least expensive food, which was beans at the time, costing about 60 cents a bag. Many other people thought this way, so we were able to feed ourselves. We made it. It took hours to cook and the stoves in Europe run on electricity instead of gas, so in reality it was the most expensive food. Bulgaria is not a very rich country, and a bit of backstory to this, I guess you could call it, that helps highlight the situation. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many countries returned to Capitalism. Of course, when something is newer, people don't know how to think, because they aren't used to it, so any change is negative at first, especially an entire political system. For a while there were very few business owners, previously all businesses were Government owned, there were no rich people to make their own business, it was chaos. This lasted for a while, although I was born a bit later. Anyway, the last words I want to leave you with is that theres more factors to economics than just supply and demand, and you have to take all of them into account when making financial decisions. And the grand finale? -If everyone brought the cheapest healthy food available, no I don't mean chips and the like, then it would eventually become the most expensive food, and then move on to the next. So theres really a lot of things to think about from these examples."

edit: [Although, from experimentation, which I remembered recently, you can soak beans in water overnight and then they only take 30 minutes to cook, which is a small half hour.]

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The audio quality is flawless. No noise, no popping sounds, the voice comes over crisp and warm. I like the voice and the presentation of the text. Very comprehensible, adequate speed and appropriate positioning of pauses.
The text itself is interesting and provokes thought, which is great. However, it did not make me completely change the way I think about money. Plus, the hypothesis about the cheapest food becoming the most expensive is questionable in my opinion. Having said that, I like the episode about the sluggishness of social and economic transitions.

'when something is newer, people don't know how to think, because they aren't used to it'
This is a very wise statement and the resulting consequences can unfortunately be seen very clearly during the current crisis.

All in all this is a inspiring, thought-provoking and technically very well done piece of audio.

Belthagor responds:

Thanks for your review!! The other part of that statement you quoted, btw was "they need more time to catch up to something that's older." Just in case you wanted to know.


You can feel free not to agree with some of my points but from a historical viewpoint-It's true.

What is the oldest food that man first ate? Before farming, before hunting. Fish! Everyone supposedly ate fish... (According to biblical times that is.) Fish is currently one of the most expensive foods. A swordfish steak, uncooked, can cost up to 20 dollars. Even the cheaper fish like pollock is at least 7 dollars for a box of small in size fillets, compared to 3 for a large pizza at my local grocery.

Edit Number two. Although beans may not be the most expensive food currently in flat raw number, price, it has risen greatly in percentage from its price decades ago compared to some other less popular foods, which are also more expensive but percentage wise not as much...

Edit number 3: Wow I wrote a lot. The last thing... usually Governments pay for part of the cost of necessary foods before you buy it, in a lot of countries actually... "Necessary" being the key word here, I don't mean chocolate. So it's sometimes a bit harder to notice the real price of some of the things you may buy at a grocery store.

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Aug 1, 2020
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