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Riot Ribs

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Author Comments

I began to work on basic guitar melodies and had an idea to repeat 2 bars and work with what I have. If y'all looking for stellar melodic work, this ain't it. What the strength of this track are, sound design and arrangement. Since I suck at melodic work, I'm gonna stick to my gun. Drum programming. Well NGADM judges usually hate sound design so you can count me out. Good luck to other contestants.

This track is dedicated to PDX Riot Ribs

Instruments used:

Evolution Stratosphere

Evolution Flatwound Bass

Evolution Dracus

Spitfire Audio Labs

8Dio Zeus

Heavyocity DM-307

Custom sound design done in:


Valhalla Supermassive

Dragonfly Reverb

Zebra 2

Gross Beat



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This is fantastic!
You say I was a type of mentor to you, but I can definitely say that you were as much, if not more of a mentor to me! I was stuck in terms of instruments and production, and through our collaborations, I learned so much more about how to structure music with real AND electronic instruments, how to combine them, and also how to approach the mixing bit. That is true for percussion as well. You inspired me to invest into good hardware and software too, as you made me realise if I want to make something out of my music, I have to sacrifice something. Keep on being great <3

Mooke responds:

Thank you for your review, LSD :)

I'm happy that we both learn from each other. It's what really mutual education is about.

I hope you are doing well, how's your path toward becoming a great music elementary teacher like? Also how's Jordi doing? @EverErratic mentioned you two are together now. That's awesome. :)

:( Sorry for not being able to make into NGADM this year, your track is lit tho.

Something I haven't realized before: you have a lot more in common with the early works of minimalist composers as the interesting thing about your music is how it changes and progresses from one rhythm to the next while the motifs float around consistently. It's a bit strange to describe it as such because this isn't quite minimalism in a traditional sense, but I think the mentality is similar. You can't just jump around looking for a certain buildup or climax to find the music's identity, but the interest lies in its entirety of listening to the many instruments contributing to the rhythmic changes. It progresses slowly so it could easily be missed if one isn't paying attention. It blends and transitions well.

Mooke responds:

Thanks for your reviews Phono.

Once upon a time, I started out as a minimal 'classical' composer on NG. I basically had little understanding how theory work (still don't) so I make stuff with minimalistic style. In fact, it was @Samulis that pointed it out the genre for my music. I owe him a great debt because without him I'd have stuck with that style forever, probably given up on music long ago mainly because I had no idea how melodies work until Samulis tutored me with the three collabs we did on.

@LucidShadowDreamer is the next iteration of mentor that evolutionalized my composition techniques and skills. I learned like a lot from the collabs we did together and practically ever changed my ways of approaching arrangement. LSD is greatly known for improvisation with his work, and yet still able to keep them fluidly sounded. I adapted a lot of his techniques into both my perc programming and melodic work. As the results, I was able to work on some amazing melodic and percussive work whenever I apply LSD or Samulis tutored skills into my production.

Like people also said, it's a blast from the past. Our work carries the imprints of everything we have learned, experimented and created. We all started from somewhere and bloom along the way. We being the aspiring musicians is as important as anything else.

Lol you're so wrong about what we dislike

Mooke responds:

Hehe, yeah it's more of a humorous personal reflection. Every contest I've failed for the past 15 years happen because I do things differently. :( But as soon as I make things generic, I'd have better chance making it than when I do things outside the box.

I've reached the point of cynical perspective on this, because I'd rather make things I love than doing things other like. lol it's basically the reason why I haven't gone mainstream despise I had so many chances in the past. Ah well, now I lost that chance cuz the pandemic. :(

Thanks for the review, I guess. Hope you have a great week.

Tidy as fuck man, serious respect.

Mooke responds:

Thank you AkioDaku :) Good luck in the contest!

Oh man, you really did deliver on the sound design and overall texture of the piece, I like it a lot!
Mix is also loud and crisp, if a tad overpowering in the mid-low end at times.
That aside, it is certainly unique, great work and good luck with the contest! :)

Mooke responds:

Thank you for your review :3 Good luck to you too!

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4.65 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2020
1:02 PM EDT
File Info
9.4 MB
4 min 6 sec

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