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Breath- Conceptual Themed Avant-Pop


Author Comments

I was hired to compose, record and produce a Catchy Avant-Garde Pop Thematic Concept Driven Song.


The brief i was given:

This is our new attempt for the first single of Avastar No.1. We're hoping to receive some bespoke, concept-driven demos (rough demos are fine) in order to better fit the music in the storyline of Avastar No.1. Musically, it should be alt pop / avant-pop with swagger and impact. The chorus should have a hook and verses can be minimal but catchy. For the production, we'd like to hear all kinds of exciting sounds that convey the theme of the song in interesting ways (eg. foley sounds on top of traditional samples).

Here is an updated context of Avastar No.1:

Avastar No.1 was transferred to Earth from an alternate digital reality (world of bits) through a glitch. She looks like a human teenage girl, but knew nothing about the human world previously and has to learn everything from the start. By the time the first single is released, Avastar No.1 is supposed to know some simple words and curiously exploring the world around her. The new world is full of wonder, but also makes her feel lost at times. 

A few concepts / stories for you to draw inspiration from:

1. Breath:

  Avastar No.1 discovered “breathing” the first day she was born - she wondered why her chest was in constant movement and there was always something traveling between her nose, mouth and throat. She tried stopping the movement, but it got so uncomfortable after a few seconds that she realized the breath is essential for her life as a human being, that it's something precious. Now when Avastar No.1 is confused or overwhelmed by the new world, she takes a deep breath to feel better. The song can be about how AN1 felt when she had her first breath, how she feels to exist as a human, how she faces the unknown world with her deep breaths etc.


My Synopsis;

I used a looping repeating chord structure to represent the repetitiveness and ongoing nature of breathing, i also used a chord sequence that never resolves or reaches "home" to give a feel of A.N1 questioning and non understanding of events, regards to foley sounds i used an old accordion with a big air leak to get a rising and falling breath, I blew into a hookah pipe tube to get a rhythmic fluttering breathy sounds, I cut up and rearranged recordings of my Air pistol gas canisters releasing gas to get a percussive Air sounds, Blowing up and deflating an airbed as response to second part of the chorus. I used a bombastic hiphop beat and bass lines to give swagger and impact, I also went for a more electronic vibe to represent A.N1 origins as Artificial Intelligence.

I tried to keep the lyrics minimal, I also used the bridge to the chorus as storytelling, A.N1 tries to stop breathing (all breath, instruments drop out) and a gasp of air just before the chorus hits as A.N1 realizes breathing is essential. Made sure the chorus was big, had a hook and was catchy which also represents A.N1 anxiety being overwhelmed by all the new sensations, takes a breath to calm herself represented in the second Verse (where everything drops out to tranquility).

I also tried to represent A.N1 personality being sensitive, vulnerable and full of emotions, with the questions and vocal nuances.

The whole vibe and production direction I took towards a more synthetic and electronic vibe not to just give it a bombastic swagger impact and morden pop feel but also highlight A.N1 origins as well as mixing human sounds to get an android/transhumanist feel.



Composed by Connor Heather

Produced using Logic Pro

- Visit my website: https://www.connorheather.com/

- Check out my SoundCloud page : https://www.soundcloud.com/connor-heather

- Check out my YouTube Channel : https://youtube.com/connorheather

Copyright / Usage Info ©

✔ If you want to use my composition in your project let me know, as long as you credit my work and allow me to use your work to showcase my talent.

✖ Don't go using my compositions without crediting me =,(

➝ For all business enquiries please email me:


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Quite good actually :)

ConnorHeather responds:

Cheers! =D

Credits & Info

4.74 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2020
1:28 PM EDT
File Info
9 MB
3 min 55 sec
  • Logic Pro X
Misc. Kit
  • waves
  • Ibanez AF55
  • Roland V-Synth
  • Tascam US - 4x4
  • Tascam US 4x4
  • Boss ME-25
  • Fabfilter
  • Mackie Speakers

Licensing Terms

You may not use this work for any purposes.