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Melancholy Hill- The Outcast

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Author Comments

Finally, this track is now also done. Im gonna be honest, this was harder to make than my first song, but im glad how this turned out, really. Ive also gained a lot of experience on mixing and mastering in general.

What do you think about the word outcast? Probably these things.

Insecurity, isolation, enmity, and distrust.

Im sure many of you know these words really well. Maybe you were an outcast also.

As for my part, ive been living my school time for almost 8 years circling these words and this particular status.

You see, i think i dont need to tell you this. Being an outcast sucks.

Not just because you are ignored and in worst cases, getting assaulted, its also because when you do get into the center of attention, people will use as a temporary punching bag. You get hit multiple times, only to be tucked away, and for the next time, getting the same exact punches and kicks all over again. And that leads me to my next point.

Doing exact same things all over again, expecting the outcome to change. In short, insanity.

But what if we reverse that definition? To change up the actions, so that is not caused by us, but by others.

Exact same things being done to us all over again, expecting the outcome to change.

That definiton above briefly sums up my experience of me being an outcast. Reverse insanity.

Now, on to the song. The intro starts pretty powerfully, and the melody is dark, patterned and repetitive with subtle progessivity in notes, reflecting that circle of reverse insanity i was talking about, and uncertainty and fear of not knowing when,where, and how these destructive events will happen to you.

Then there is the breakdown, which reflects the attempts to break the chains, to rise up in the broken ladder of hierharcy to become accepted by the cruel society you live in. By the time the piano kicks in, you realize that it is not an easy task, the post breakdown is still powerful, but becomes patterned again.

The second verse is back into the insanity, thinking that all the struggles, all the deeds you done to be recognized are gone, and basically unnoticed by everything, and everyone.

However, in the outro, that changes...

Being an outcast is like being a pray in a forest, while being ambushed by dozens of armed hunters. However, one thing they dont know, is the forest itself. You can run, and you can hide.

Even if you are not accepted, and basically theatened by society for things that you are not guilty of, just remember that the path you are taking in life can lead you to times, places, and experiences that the ones that are only chasing you will not even know how to step and walk on it. You dont even need to lay traps for them, because they have already done that for themselves.

Thank you for listening to this piece, and see you on the top.

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I can hear a bitter anger in this piece, but it's presented in a way where it sounds cool, almost like you take pride in having been an outcast and surviving through it. There's also a sense of determination. In addition, the repetition fits with this determination and the theme you represent, where the same thing happens again and again.

Technically speaking, I think the piece is mixed too quietly. I recommend using normalization to increase the volume so as not to inconvenience the listener (They'd have to change the volume just for this song and back again when they listen to other things).

I do think there's some ambiguity there, though. Something about the way this piece is produced seems at odds with itself. It seems a bit unfocused, and I can't quite put my finger on an exact reason as to why. I think part of it is some of the sounds like the beeps in the beginning and the piano don't fit as well with the rest of the piece. I realize what the piano in particular means to you. I won't take that away. I just think the way it is executed clashes with the angry guitar and your message gets lost a bit, IMO; It doesn't come across the same way you meant it to.

Still, overall, I think you did a pretty good job. :)

More info about how I review music here: https://codefreq.newgrounds.com/news/post/1089806

Great man. I liked the song and outline a lot!

You could do with recording the guitar tracks twice, *(separately) and panning them, one all the way left and one all the way right. That would clear up that whole center channel, for piano etc and really fill up with music, without all the frequencies in the middle. Super simple thing to do and really expand your sound. You'll be surprised how well that works..

Otherwise, killer work. Thanks for the music!

BBank responds:

Aaaaaaa, thank you so much!

I didnt hope that you are going to rate this, i love your work!

You are welcome for the piece. :3

This piece is wonderful! Well done BBank!!! I think you should increase the drums volume to make it better. You were talking about mastering, yeah. It doesn't appear at all, unfortunately! Does Mixcraft include a tool for mastering? If yes, I can't help you. But there is a good tip: When you see your mastering isn't powerful, turn back to mixing! After boosting the mixing, return to the mastering again. You can sit for hours only for the mixing. You will have this experience.
Waiting to see this song frontpaged!

Credits & Info


4.24 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2020
3:57 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
File Info
6.1 MB
4 min 27 sec
  • Hydrogen
  • Mixcraft 9
  • Les Paul Special II
Misc. Kit
  • Fender Mustang 1 V2

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