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Author Comments

a thing that has like 4 different genres combined in to one song, those being progressive house, dubstep, lofi house, and melodic riddim. this was very fun to make, and i'm entering it into the 2020 NGUAC! (for more information on it, here: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1454184 is the article announcing it)

128, 150, and 93 bpm, 4/4, in the key of c minor, thanks to c0mc1ol for finding that out for me.


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Really interesting approach to an intro here with that low pass. Now, I actually am not really liking your choice of notes for your chords so much as some of them seem to just port completely around with the same ratio between them -- I'm looking at the piano in the right channel on 30 seconds with 5ths. That interval is just dissonant to me.

Technical aspects of instruments in this piece are pretty good. I'd have liked if you stuck to one or two styles though. I feel the various elements don't entirely mesh, we're left with so much variation in structure that it doesn't feel cohesive, like at 0:33 which is very mid heavy, and there are so many things you're watching for in producing each genre, you end up cutting corners with all of them.

0:45, I can tell this is a build, but the introduction of that stinger on the head of the bar is more confusing than anything. It leads the listener to think, did I just listen to a drop or a verse? Then we go into another section with the same progression as the one before it -- honestly the section before 0:45 I would have skipped or rewritten. It sounds muddy and congested in the chunky low mid chords. I would open the spacing of those notes. It doesn't flow into the next section well.

The fill before the 1:00 drop here doesn't sound bad, but I would want some more high end on those tops to just know we've smacked the shit out of them rather than them being random bass notes. Here the fill works. Later, it's not having such a great time.

The mixing on individual instruments sounds a little messy. At 1:30 and 1:34 we have clipping. It sounds like everything has a lot of reverb and delay on it, and those need cleaning with low cut to 250 hz, shortening tails -- almost every nexus instrument has a metric crap ton on it because it sounds good solo, forgetting we have to fit this into a track. Turn down your wet signals.

The section at 1:45 is nicely written and flows logically from the drop, minus that heavy sidechain sounding really out of place. This is nowhere near loud enough a section, nor are there high swells that would sound good sidechained, so it ends with the kick just taking away from the sweet atmosphere you've built.

Now at 2:49 there's this chunky section that doesn't make sense in the context of your song. I think those synths just sound nasty tbh.

At 2:25, that kick has a crackle on it that makes it sound like the track is distorting. The sidechain at 2:10 or so isn't doing a lot for the track other than letting me know how much reverb you've got on everything -- and exposing that crackle. The mix is pretty muddy

The transition at 3:15 is particularly messy to the point of being an acquired taste -- I had to listen three times before I became accustomed to it -- into basses that I can't really pick out what note they're on due to the massive paper crinkling 12khz and up scratch. The struggle of getting over the hill with this transition tells me it may not even be this section itself that's messy but the ones leading up to it. So something is going on with the structure, in signalling the listener, hey, we're going somewhere unexpected.

At 4:20 we have distortion on the lowpassed portions of the outro. Leads me to suspect the whole track was mixed at peaking volumes and mastering fx were put on top to bandaid things.

Now that said, you've got some great ideas here and the technical aspects of writing nice growls always gets respect from me. You have a ton of potential to do great things. Keep on trucking. Keep writing music. Keep grooving. There more you do, the more you learn, and the better you'll become :)

Thanks for coming out to NGUAC!

entropicvoxels responds:

thanks for the review! i really do need to work on my mixing and mastering, for some reason when creating this song i thought that it would be a good idea to put on a mastering chain in the middle of creating it, so that's probably why literally everything clips. and that caused me to really not put a compressor on anything, and then everything clips.

once again, thanks for the review! i'm definitely going to continue making music!

P.S. is there any way to reply to replies on songs? that's something i've been wondering for a while.

Damn dude, this is actually insane

entropicvoxels responds:

thanks so much! i really like your music too!

Nice song! Its key is in c minor B) Also, good luck in the NGUAC!

entropicvoxels responds:

thanks! i added the key to the description.


entropicvoxels responds:

thank you! :]

Credits & Info

4.68 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2020
2:00 PM EDT
File Info
6.2 MB
4 min 33 sec
  • Serum
  • 3x Osc
  • OTT
  • Nexus

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