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13th August 2007 (WIP)

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Author Comments

new WIP, hectic beats, progresivly nuttyer, nice low 808 bass, crits welcome (unfinsihed)


Woo, it was nutty alright!

I think the song would have had a smoother sounding transition from the intro to the first verse if you used the same drums samples to stutter in the front as you used as part of your main beat, get what I'm saying?

The main beat was very cliche sounding, it's like "we've all been there and heard that one before." Even the samples themselves sounded unusually familiar, it's not that damn Winstons' amen loop sliced with some FX put on top, is it? Technically speaking there isn't anything wrong with that, but if you listen to a DNB station you start to get really tired of that loop, and really fast.

Where's the bass man? Your description says you used a low 808 bass, and granted my laptop speakers can't handle low frequencies very well, I still barely heard anything of it. I think beefing up the bass would make this song a lot more enjoyable to listen to.

Mixing and sound quality are good, but then again when you only have drums, a barely audible bass, and some effects going here and there it isn't very hard to mix a track. I still want to hear a louder bass, or keep the bass as low as it is and let it work as a sub, then add another bass to your song to work as the lead, now that'd be really awesome.

Drum variety and effects work together nicely and really keep the piece going. I'm writing this review while listening to your song over a couple of times and it passes quite quickly for a song that's almost 5 minutes in length. It's true that sometimes your drums get really nutty, but it ain't so bad, it's not like it's completely incoherent or anything. I wouldn't take points off for it, is basically what I'm trying to say.

In conclusion, the song is pretty good, the only and major reason I'm not giving you a 10 out of 10 is because there is no lead bass line, and that's it really.

WizardSleeve responds:

thanks very much for the review, very much apreciated... the main beat, yeah its a processed amen that i've mashed together with another break... I can't remember which one without looking to be honest, oh yeah and the action snare too.

The bass... well its a big badass rumbling bass, that if you had a half decent sub or even som hifi speakers would be shaking the walls.. a friend over on nexus radio was playing it out and stuff started falling off his shelves

the drums are a little over stretched towards the end i think.. but i like variation, its all about a bit of drumfunk... so bored of the same shitty jump up stuff thats getting worse and worse, so i prefer to make drumfunk when making DNB these days.

I like the bit in the middle... it brings a smile to my face... thanks for the review though, glad you enjoyed it even though you couldn't hear the bass!



Damn nice bit of work.

You've been nice enough to offer other people reviews and I'm surprised that more people haven't returned the favor on this track.

As far as DnB goes this hit the mark just fine. I read the other comments on this and I couldn't help but wonder what Billtog was expecting from DRUM and BASS other than what was there... Oh well... Obviously He doesn't know what the hell he's talking about... I can't believe he gave you a 1/10 on this...

I thought it was a damn fine track - I gave a 9/10 so that there would be some room for improvement... After all, you did say it was a WIP :)

I thought you did a fine job with the percussion - you mixed it up a bit and for this style, I don't think that it was too repetitive at all... The bass was decent - I thought it fit well and the only suggestion that I could give there would be to punch it up just a hair in spots - maybe compress it a bit more aggressively to boost it all up a bit and then either add a sidechain (or adjust it if it's already there) on the bass to duck it a little based on the percussion...

All in all a very solid track and I could definitely hear this played on BassDrive or DnB_netRadio.

Even though you've said it's unfinished - it sounds finished enough to get a 5/5.

Keep up the great work!

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WizardSleeve responds:

Thanks man, very much apreciated. Yeah I plan on working on the bass a bit, and also the timestretching on the percussion in the second half is a bit over done i think.

Yeah billtog obviously don't understand drumfunk DnB.. or DnB in general, no worries i am very thick skinned.

I am thining about adding some melodic pads in there as well dunno if it would fit exactly

its okay, but you need more than hawt drums.

ok, you got the drums down, but ur missing the bass, and any other elements apart from random synth falls and some really soft chords for about 8 measures.

also, although in this state it is very repetitive, with some actual synths and stuff playing along, the beats turn out to have a pretty good variety. i thought the beats were very decent.
check out my stuff plz!

WizardSleeve responds:

Missing the bass? Do you have crappy PC speakers or something? There is a big booming 808 bass in there... I will admit my phone can't pick it up, but any half decent speakers can hear it...

its a drumfunk dnb track, its about atmosphere, sub bass, and hectic drums.. not everyones taste though, thanks for the review :)


It was kind of pretty at first, but I got REALLY tired of hearing the same drum beats over and over with nothing to cover it up. If you had only submitted the first minute of this, I'd probably have given you an 8/10. Don't tell me those synth bass fall-offs count as music.

WizardSleeve responds:

same drum beats? they change constnatly all the way through... you didn't like the 808 bass and the pads? no? Well not for everyone I guess.. if you have ever been to a Club/Rave and you heard something like this you would be dancing your ass off...

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Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2007
12:35 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
4.3 MB
4 min 40 sec

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