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All Lights on Me


Author Comments

Anyone human is evil.

Anything human is evil.

Anything touched by a man.

Doesn't matter whose hands.

It still ends up as evil.

Even if I'd hope for change.

It all stays the same.

You know.

Anyone breathing is evil.

Everything human is evil.

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Jesus Christ -- dnb videogame music. Scared me for a second there.

Your lead writing is good, great for VGM. I might actually just take an intro and put on before we get those abrupt dnb breaks with VGM percussion. It worked very well at 1:40 for you :)

I would probably take your lead and harmony down a little bit. They're loud enough that without the dnb breaks it's already hard to hear the bass. I might even take the bass and make a more involved part there. With just the two notes, it almost sounds like we have two songs against one another, one that's gotta go fast, and one that's just chilling in like, pokemon for GBA land.

The transition after say 2:50 or so into the B section of the song was a particular example of this, and the song itself is a very drawn out acquired taste. If I didn't have exposure to old videogame music, dnb, and blastbeat metal, I probably wouldn't be having a great time listening to it.

The naked section at 5 minutes is nice. I'm not sure why the breakbeats come back in if we're going back into an outro again there. It feels like we were going to do something and then forgot, as well as the chord tacked on the end, kinda feels the same.

But A for effort for this one. I know programming this had to be ... fun, haha.

Thanks for coming out to NGUAC!

colorsCrimsonTears responds:

Thanks for taking the time to drop a review,
it's definitely appreciated.

Thanks for the advice.
I like loud music so it's hard for me to tell when it's TOO loud. Oops.
But I am trying to learn to mix everything better.

I too come from a background of listening to old game music. Probably one
of my favorite genres.

I have a consistent style when making tracks, and part of it is
a repeat of the start but without the backing instruments. It's just kind of a thing I do.

Anywho, thanks again for your time.

This song is really good! I think it would be absolutly perfect with lyrics.

colorsCrimsonTears responds:

I've written lyrics for most
of my works, but I don't sing.
'preciate the vote.


colorsCrimsonTears responds:

'preciate the vote man.

This is really upbeat, keep up the great work xD

colorsCrimsonTears responds:

'preciate it dude.

Credits & Info

4.52 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2020
7:21 PM EDT
Video Game
File Info
8.6 MB
6 min 15 sec
  • MilkyTracker
  • Sound Editor

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