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Dies Irae I


Author Comments

Hey everyone. Many of you on Newgrounds will not be familiar with this -- only a scant number of you will vaguely remember this. I actually wrote this battle theme in 2011, with far worse production than what I can manage today, and never submitted the piece in question to Newgrounds. I rescored and reimagined this on 20 April 2020, on the 20th day of the Spring run of 21 Days of VGM, with the prompt "Boss Fight."

I painstakingly orchestrated this track in one sitting, as I was determined to get it done on the same day I began it, and it took me some four and a half hours... I think. Only now have I finally decided to release it on Newgrounds for your listening pleasure. (That being said, I still have a backlog of 21 Days of VGM-related tracks to put up that I haven't yet put up.)

This is basically meant to be a tier-2 boss fight theme, with 1 being midboss and 2 being regular level boss -- although in later stages, this tune might get relegated to midboss-tier. I did have a bullet hell shooter in mind when I wrote this.

This piece is titled such because it actually samples from the plainchant Dies Irae. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this plainchant deals with death and eschatology, or the last things. Also, there is a Dies Irae II, to be written at a later point. On the day that I scored this, I channelled my inner percussionist -- as I do not have the space nor the means to record timpani or most drums (only a small selection, which I felt would not fit this piece), I programmed them as I would play them. For instance, the snare flourishes are doubles, which I prefer as they are easier for my hands to pull off.

I guess I took somewhat tense, apocalyptic tone with this piece with my borrowing of Dies Irae? I'm happily going along with it, though.

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This is very good. Very fast paced. Very exciting.

Oh wow, I really like this! I especially enjoyed the flute sweeps :) If I had to criticize one thing, I'm a little upset that the intense bit at 0:20 isn't as loud as I would think it should be (and it kinda felt like there could have been a cymbal riser of sorts leading into it, but that's just my personal taste I guess). Fantastic track!

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4.83 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2020
4:45 PM EDT
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