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4nZwar3 - Rebirth

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Hi, and welcome to the first song of my upcoming EP Damage (I mean, it was the first one to be created but almost the last to be released here). I know it sounds kinda repetitive but it's part of the experience, just go with the flow. This one has almost the same story of Damage: made like a year ago and finished quite a long time, but it was not until today that I decided to publish it. Also, this song has the most DAWs I have ever worked with at the same time: I used Studio One for most of the song, a little of LMMS to make a YAYA bass, Garage band to make the 2nd drop, Tracktion for the 3rd one and FL Studio for mastering. Hopefully you'll understand that the song not only follows my music creation experience but also the "Rebirth" by itself, because it is the end of my other artist name to begin with this one. Speaking of my old self, it has references to my previous songs I made as the name of "[deleted]".

SoundCloud link: WIP

YouTube link: WIP

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I like the bright tone at the beginning. The fade-in technique was a bit one-dimensional, but there’s a good sense of climax into :24. It’s a little hard to keep track of the key signature at the beginning - lot of funky chords that trip over each other a bit. The riffs at :24 are super catchy, although the sidechaining there is a bit heavy. I like many of the quirky synths and cutesy arpeggios/harmonies. Sometimes, there’s an instrument that sounds a bit harsh in the mix - 1:30 is a good example. The first post-chorus also might’ve dragged on for a bit too long, but you did a nice job with the re-intro at 2:30. The piano melodies there are really nice, and there’s a nice, subtle build-up into 3:18. I was enjoying the flow in the second half, although the build-up at 4:18 seemed a bit forced and less legato than the rest of the piece up to that point. Same thing at 4:55. I think you tried to do a bit too much with the piece towards the end - the energetic house beats at 5:04 feel a little out-of-place, although the piano outro is a cool touch. In the description, you label the piece “repetitive,” but I think some more cohesion towards the end would actually help you out here. Overall, the piece has a lot of strong, engaging, and catchy riffs and decent sound design and production. I’d caution you not to over-compress the mix, and also to streamline the arrangement a bit, possibly by cutting some of the section from 4:18-5:28. Otherwise, solid work here, 4nZwar3! Keep it up. :)

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

Check your levels -- there's a lot of peaking going on here, even with what sounds like master limiting compression.

Also, 6 minutes is pretty ambitious for a dubstep piece. You could probably stand to cut or move around some sections. Like at 3 minutes, I swore we were going into a drop -- but this is a build/breakdown. Put that section before a final drop. The one before it is a good build. Looking at your waveform alone I would have expected 3:00 at like 4:33.

Mix wise, that low portamento synth I would say is a little too loud. Take it down maybe a dB or so.

If you're mixing with the mastering channel FX on, don't do that. It's basically impossible to mix well like that. Turn your mix volume down to like -6 dB, and then mix all the tracks as sounds good to you there. You'll find you make better mixing decisions when the loudness factor isn't there to make things sound cool. I'm really prone to this myself so I understand. When you're done, turn it back up! If you have a mastering service you use, mix the track down at say -6 dB and then send it to wherever you plan to have it mastered.

The phrasing you have with Dubstep bass for 3 bars, then 4th bar of instrumental after being repeated 4 times per section gets kind of old. Try some variation of rhythm even.

I do like the thrumming bass at 3:36, but I feel like it doesn't really get enough presence in the mix. When mixing, also, resist turning every part up when you want to hear it. Instead, bring down whatever you think is in the way. It goes a long way and makes the end compression sound better.

Buildup at 4:21 was really unexpected. I feel like that spot without the percussion could have been dropped -- or the OH WOW could have been a quick two shot like you have in your crazy outro. Really there are so many buildups here without a lot of change to the drop or opportunity to get going. I would space them out a lot more. As is it makes the song sound like it doesn't know where it's going.

A typical dubstep structure will help you here. There are plenty of templates online. Take one you like, mark the drops, builds, and intros or outros, starts of the risers, and then delete the rest of the template. Work on that structure as your base, until you get a natural feel for song structure. It will help you a lot.

Mix wise the biggest thing I noticed was clipping/peaking and a lot of clutter with reverb or instruments with sustains kind of just being put to the side chain without thinking about how sound bleed works.

Reverb, always remember less is more, and make sure there is a ton of low cut on your reverb, at least up to 250 hz. These frequencies make an instrument sound boxy. Try to keep a low wet signal with a fast release. If you really want that big slap back or long tail sound, try a delay, also with low cut and quick release time. Ping-pong makes all the difference. I will even admit to abusing it.

EQ wise on each instrument that is not your bass I would cut the frequencies below 250 hz. You may think they sound tinny solo, but in an ensemble, these frequencies get very loud and stand in the way of your bass, kick, and snare. Too much of them even and you can just end up with a headache. It will sound like a swath of pink noise in your track. I hear a lot of that here, mostly reverb but still.

Also, I would not compress your track as hard as you are now. It makes it feel like it doesn't really have a pulse or depth, even with sidechain there to give the impression of oomphing kick and DSH snare -- speaking of, gated reverb is a sound to look into for your snare to get a little more mileage out of it. Look that up. It's a great concept that can be used on any instrument.

Anyway, enjoyed the track. Moving it to dubstep. Thanks for coming out to NGUAC!

I love this :)

Hey, that's pretty good.

I love it! Your music is awesome

Credits & Info


3.69 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2020
11:33 PM EDT
File Info
14.3 MB
6 min 15 sec
  • FL Studio
  • Garage Band
  • OTT
  • LMMS
  • Studio One
  • Helm
  • Krush
Misc. Kit
  • Tracktion 7
  • LoudMax
  • Xfer Records - Dimension Expander

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