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My entry for the "Quarantine 2" contest. Noty best, but kid number three has happened, and so I had enough energy for about 6 hours of work time with this bad boy.

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-NGUAC Review-

The intro is intriguing and well-executed. The sound design is quite pleasant here. There's a nice surprise at :33.

After this point, I feel like the composition meanders and loses its meaning. The melody in section A isn't catchy, interesting, or memorable, and it seems too far in the background when it should be in the forefront imo.

The drop at 1:06 is less interesting melody-wise, and it's not clear how it relates to what I heard previously. This section is fairly repetitive until the 1:39 point.

1:39 is an awesome moment. The abrupt chord change and the runs are quite pleasing. But like in the intro, the composition seems to meander again shortly afterward.

The outro is satisfying by itself but feels weak in context because I don't feel like the song took me anywhere or made me feel a certain way.

The sound design is pretty good, and I like the delay effect on the piano. I like the bass and percussion together.

Regarding the mix, I think the bass range can be cleaned up a little (particularly around 150hz); the highs can be boosted on some instruments such as the pad, snare and piano; and low-mid resonances can be reduced across the board. The mix could sound wider as well - perhaps with those changes it will automatically sound wider.

Sorry for the long wait. I hope this is helpful! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Stargame responds:

This review actually comforted me in a way - these are all things I've felt about the piece, particularly concerning the composition, and it was nice to hear from a fellow musician who is able to articulate what I, myself was feeling about the song. It's comforting to see where it would need work. It's also nice because I had very little time and energy to make the piece, and I was very stressed while doing so (newborn third child) - as mentioned, it was done in 6 hours. I know it needs more time - I was burning out pretty bad at the time. I feel like if I can take more time on this piece a little later, I can really flesh it out. Thank you for the honest and articulate review.

-Official NGUAC 2020 Tryouts Review-

I like how this track, despite being referred as Hip Hop - Modern, has those synthwav-ish deep sounds, which give a nice atmosphere. Despite the great usage of pads, the mix is a bit unbalanced: for example, in the section at 0:16 the bass volume is a little too high, and at 1:07 that Tom/Percussion you used has a strange distortion, and it covers too much the other instruments and effects. There is a lack of room too, maybe stereo-panning one or two instruments could help the piece flow better (By stereo-pan, i mean duplicating the sound of an instrument and putting one channel 100% panned to the left, the other 100% panned to the right. It's a helpful technique, i suggest trying it out). Apart from those technical details, the song is pretty solid and with a stable structure. Just a little more polishing, and it'd have been even better.

Originality: 1/2
Composition: 1.5/2
Structure: 2/2
Tecnicity: 0.5/2
Impact: 1.5/2

Total: 6.5/10

Stargame responds:

Thank you so much for the honest review! It's nice to hear a structured review and hear specifics on what can be improved. On the note of the tom/distorted kick, what do you think could have helped the other instruments to stand out? Sidechaining, less bass, less distortion, cuts to the midrange, etc.?

This is great

Stargame responds:

Thank you! Someday I'll look into improving and lengthening the piece. It would have been so much better, but I recently had a 3rd kid, so I'm a little tired xX

So yeah i felt like you could've made parts come out more since a lot of it sounds really ambient and i also think there are some good parts like drums but also there is just in general parts you could make come out more if that makes sense ^^

Stargame responds:

I know what you mean. The lead in the beginning bugs me with how muddy and hidden in the background it was. This was for a user-hosted competition on the Image-Line forums, and the contest had strict rules. A fairly simple sample had to be used creatively in some way. So, I made the bassline, that lead, and the pads all from that sample. It was very buzzy, so I struggled to get it to sound good without sounding too bright. You also had to make the song with a maximum of 4 effects per mixer slot. May not sound like much, but I was struggling with that!


Stargame responds:

Thank you very much for the like!

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4.77 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2020
11:33 PM EDT
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5.4 MB
2 min 23 sec

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