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The View From Here

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"I was right. It does taste better up here."

"What does?"



This is my entry for the 2020 Art-Inspired Music Contest. Go check out the fantastic art that it was inspired by! I really love how DaRR1o has taken an awesomely futuristic cityscape, added one of its residents doing something otherwise totally mundane, and put a radical new perspective on it.

Edit: Fan Favourite winner of AIM 2020. D'aww, thanks guys! <3 You da bes.

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I love this :3

ChronoNomad responds:

Whaaa--! Thank you so much for the artistic inspiration, man. Really glad you dig the jam! ^__^

I've got nothing but pure love for this. Some of your best work for sure! Best of luck in AIM O.O

ChronoNomad responds:

Wow, thanks a lot for stopping by, Lucid! Really appreciate the quick review, and I'm humbled by your feedback. So glad you like it, man.

I see that you made it to the AIM party, too! Best of luck to you, as well. ^__^

Splendid stuff.

Sounds like there's a little bit of room for clean-up with eq/mast, but otherwise, this song is architecturally sound (no pun intended). The progression is fantastic and employs smooth transitions between portions. It feels like there's a distinct jazz/trance-esque approach of the intro/topic/body/conclusion format, but it's definitely along the lines of Synthwave leveraging punchy vidya game samples, synths, etc.

Love what you did here. Funny how Fulp mentioned this reminds him of PSO, as I was thinking this would fit in a Phantasy Star series title (maybe #5 if that IP ever gets revived by Sega).

Keep at it. Going to flip through the remainder of your offerings now.

ChronoNomad responds:

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a review, CommonOddity! Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, but I'm here to rectify that now.

There's always room for a little more tweaking here and there, but I'm ultimately quite content with the final result. Your unintended pun also gave me a chuckle--those are the best kind, after all. I'm so glad that you enjoy the musical progression and find the transitions to be smooth; the ideas tended to flow pretty easily, most of the time. This piece is definitely something of an amalgamation of several different genres, each one contributing a little added flavor to the overall Synthwave vibe.

I was (and am) super stoked to see my track mentioned in Tom's post, and he referenced a comment from SoulSecure's review about this sounding like something out of Phantasy Star Online, but - and this is the weird part - I've never even played PSO! Of course, it's not the first time that someone has compared my music to something I haven't personally experienced, but it always makes me curious. I'm definitely going to have to check out some of PSO's offerings, going forward. Final Fantasy was also referenced, but since I've been a diehard FF fan for decades, that's something I tend to hear fairly often.

Wow, and you're even going to riffle through my existing repertoire? That's pretty amazing of you, I have to say. May you find much more to your liking, and thanks again!

I like the vibes my duder man

ChronoNomad responds:

Glad you dig it, and thanks for the quick comment!

Sounds like somebody took some inspiration from Midgar up in here with your Final Fantasy sounding lines. Even if this was accidental, it definitely works considering the art. While I'm on how parts of this remind me of game OSTs, of course with art and a sound like this it reminds me of Phantasy Star Online.

I like your very lyrical synth lead start, it grabs the attention. I love bendy, slidey synth lead lines!

My only real issue with the song is the mix is so dark. Like it needs some EQing to brighten the the whole thing, I'm not sure if you just need to put an exciter on this or what, but that's my opinion. I may listen to this on my Fishers to see if it's just my headphones for some reason, I'll update you on that. In any case, the darkness I thought might be a stylistic choice due to the association of synthwave with nostalgia these days.

I also am not a fan of how the song is compressed, but this is a stylistic thing so I'm not going to knock you for that lol.

Something that struck me as missing was hard panned pads. I don't think they are necessary though.

Cool song, goes well with the art.

Update: listened on the hi-fi, still sounds dark and compressed, but if that's what your going for it's not an issue :P

ChronoNomad responds:

Granted, I do love me some Final Fantasy, but in this case any similarity is purely coincidental. Or, at the very least, a random act of subconscious. Granted, it's those kinds of things that seem to spill out unbidden when inspiration strikes. All that aside, I've never actually played Phantasy Star Online, so I don't really have a reference point for that one.

Ooh, I quite like that you referred to that synth lead as being lyrical! I've always been a fan of grace notes and slides, so I incorporate them into my own music pretty often.

Hmm, I personally find that there's a pretty nice contrast in the mix between the background instruments and harmonies, and the generally brighter main melodies. Of course, if you're talking about the overtones of the music in general, there's a certain level of dystopian ambience that I feel is inherent in a location such as this. Kind of like the atmosphere in Blade Runner, there is always darkness lurking just beyond the light. Similarly, though it is ironically quite bright in DaRR1o's imagery due to all the artificial light, you can see by his tags that it is actually night. My hope was to conjure up this imagery within the music, as well.

Thank you for such an in-depth review, SoulSecure! Your time and effort are very much appreciated, and it's reassuring to hear that the art and music go well together.

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4.22 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2020
2:24 AM EDT
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3 min 35 sec
  • FL Studio

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