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Art Talks - EP 5

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SevenSeize hasn't been a mod for like a year now, but yeah, that's a heck of a donation!

I also had no clue that Aaron-Long was the Bojack like Corey mentioned below... Bojack is a good series, we watched it all as soon as it came through. We liked all the other shows too... Netflix is just around the corner for my house, I'll go kick some ass...

Thanks for all of the plugs here man... I didn't expect any of that to get shared or I would have given you more information.. today I'm actually going to have the first conversation with it, so hopefully not everything I told you was wrong!

The song by GameBoyFireworks was definitely great. I checked that out when it was first pointed out.

I'd like to be able to shuffle songs in a playlist like that. It would be great for working out.

I honestly had no idea that @Aaron-Long, was THE Aaron Long from Bojack! :D it’s such a great show Xin, check it out man! Another great episode my dude :)

I enjoy the crap out of these episodes, keep em coming!

Hey I just listened! Nice show, and thanks for all the kind words about Sublo, Bojack and Tuca.
You're spot on, I don't really make any money from Sublo and Tangy Mustard. I just love making cartoons.
Glad you like the sound design in the show, I don't really know what I'm doing there-- I just kind of do what sounds right to me and hope it works for everybody else!

Eyy jouste, big inspiration of mine, I was wondering how long it would take you to talk about him. Interesting that you mentioned Darkest Dungeon because a while ago I first found one of the Darkest Dungeon artists through him, when he did this art of one of her characters:
He and the Darkest Dungeon art director Chris Bourassa seem to be pals on Twitter but I don't know if they've ever met in person or just saw each other's art and thought it looked cool.
Unless it did and my memory had a total lapse, you didn't mention this, so I don't know if you're aware or not, but his studio, the one that did Viking Squad, kinda merged with Klei (the Don't Starve people) and currently he's working with them, so all the stuff he posts online is, like, hobby stuff, I guess. His hobby being drawing, while his job is also drawing. Got a lotta drawing to go around, I guess.
I just wrote a lot about him. Guess I'm a jouste stan.
I really need to read all those comics, they've been on the backburner for a bit. Another NG artist doing a webcomic who you didn't mention is Sony-Shock, though that one (Papercut) is being released on a page-by-page basis so there's not much to read of it so far.
Also need to watch that there Sublo and Tangy Mustard. Think I wasn't aware of it until quite a few episodes had released and went "Well, that's a commitment now, gonna leave it for later." and the "later" never came.

Xinxinix responds:

Urichov, the unparalleled, informative artist that I'm happy to have hanging out in the GB Discord server~! ^^

That's highly informational!! I had absolutely no idea Jouste was connected to the Dont Starve studio and that he was actually a fan of the Darkest Dungeon art director's style. His ability to concoct original character art is supremely impressive, and I definitely understand why you follow his work ^^

I'll have to check out Papercut!! It's such a good experience to be able to view a smorgasbord of art style in one place~

And yeah! Sublo & Tangy Mustard does so well with its quirky attitude and dialogue that it really paints a mood all of its own! Highly recommended for its character building that includes lots of in-house interaction ^^

Thanks for listening, per usual, Urichov~!!

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