Terra Angelica

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"Terra Angelica"

slowly i go, with this aura about me
while far beyond me you lose sleep
gently you whisper in my ear
and you keep my fearless here
all these years you've lost sleep over me
quickly i stride across a plain of delusion
towards a house, in a field, where all wounds heal
but my patience thins, the walls come caving in
gving me new eyes that can detect lies
but all the while, i'm wondering
"is it worth it?"

oh, nothing is without
a single shadow of a doubt
that never really means never
and she paces gracelessly
making tedious footfalls
exhausted and sly
and she walks slowly
as she walks, she flies



Great song!

Reminds me a little bit of Why My Guitar Gently weeps, for some reason. Just the melody of the singing.

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veryclassic rock


2 words...awesome, this is a masterpeice, when i hear this i think "why the hell is this guy not famous!!!"

Gunshy responds:

I'll repost what i wrote on "waiting to die" in response to a similar comment.

>>thanks for saying that, and i appreciate the support, and the 10.
i'm gonna be candid here. [again]
spread the word. please spread the word. that's the best way for you and everybody else to help me right now, i think.
i'll be starting to play live during the summer somehow in NJ and Philly, so that's my part. that and the demos... [:)]
but for now, and then... if you think somebody would love this song, or any of the other ones of mine, or any of the songs here in grunge, or on Newgrounds in general,... play it for them. [especially if they have never heard of newgrounds before!]
newgrounds is the next hot new music scene. it sounds trite but its true, and all of us artists know it. this genre folder is the next seattle, and the hip-hop or R&B section is the next motown.
and most of us are broke-ass. [i know i am.]
so it's really up to you, the masses... the users. [nubes included, non-contributors included... maybe especially!]
spread the word. [spread 'em!]
burn it, rip it, use it in flashes, games, blast it at your next party, request it on your local rock station and then get all outraged that they have no idea what you're talking about... send it off to your cousin in arizona or england or something and do whatever to get people to hear it... eventually either one of my demos or one of your compilations will fall into some A&R or executive person's lap, and then... [ooh,.... then! ha ha!]


Man this is brilliant, It has inspired me, 5 again.

Id love to know if you played the drums or programmed them, if you programmed them, id love to know where you got the sounds from :)

again man, amazing keep it up.

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