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AIM - Children of the Sea


Author Comments

Art by Moonshen:

I knew exactly what type of song I wanted to make as soon as I saw this gorgeous painting. I challenged myself to evoke underwater vibes without the use of sound effects and to tell a story inspired by the painting rather than make a musical embodiment of it, which is what I did last year.








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This piece is lovely! Well-composed, excellently dynamic with beautifully used instrumentation. I'm impressed by the sweet feeling portrayed by this. I picture parts of this as being underwater, and parts as being a Christmas piece.

Everratic responds:

Thank you for the lovely review! I tried to create an innocence vibe with the use of high flutes and glockenspiel; I guess that’s why it sounds Christmasy :)

Sir, you are NOT slick, I heard that Fallout quote LOUD AND CLEAR @ 2:43!!! XD

Everratic responds:

Haha, I admit I listened to that song a few times and loved that pair of chords. The melodic phrase there emphasizes the use of a chord from the parallel minor, so I felt the need to use that as well. It quickly becomes my own thing in the following bar though.

Hey, your work is amazing, the dynamics, and liquidity of your composition is magnificent, I work as ghostwriter and very rarely post my cinematic work here but listening to your music I have actually learnd a thing or two :)

Everratic responds:

Thanks so much! It's nice to know that people can learn something from my music because I honestly feel like I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time haha.

So very pretty, straight out of the gate! Your orchestral sound always gets me right in my heart-box, tugging at my own strings even as yours play on.

It ramps up a little, then calms back down...rising and falling, like some kind of underwater carnival. There's a childlike innocence to the softer melodies, but a very intriguing tension that lies just on the edge of the deeper strings. A beautiful sense of unpredictability that resolves itself so very sweetly, if that makes sense.

As I always say with such excellent music, it seems to be over in mere moments despite being over three minutes in length! You have most certainly brought the scenery to life through music, and I always find myself wishing that the artist would leave a review, just so that we could know their impressions. A rare treat, to be sure.

Your instrument choices actually remind me just a bit of my own 2015 submission for the Deserted Island Contest, despite the fact that those were just simple samples for the contest guidelines. Your instruments and suites have a much richer sound of course, but the similarity in itself makes me smile. Such is the nature of water music, I suppose.

A wonderful undersea journey! Quite serene and mysterious.

Everratic responds:

I have a soft spot for childlike innocent melodies. To tell a story through the music, I knew I needed to include some tension and mysterious elements as well. I'm glad the music shifts between these different moods in a pleasant manner.

I'll be thrilled if Moonshen leaves a review. I agree that hearing the artists' thoughts on any AIM submission would be very interesting.

I listened to "Called to the Sea" again. I reviewed and favorited it in 2017 - I assume LSD showed it to me then. I get what you mean; mallet percussion + harp seems to be a highly effective combo for a sea theme.

Thank you for the review!

My power went out in the middle of writing my review for you, so sorry if this review is terse, but I'm trying not to just say, "forget it!"

It sounds neat to start. Being a Christian on a worship team this beginning melody reminds me of some of the melodies we use in CCM.

At 00:47 I suggest changing the xylophone's melody line to a different instrument, like the washed out oboe that has a trumpetesque timbre your using that literally just goes away at that point and would be a nice layer insrument for that section regardless. It sounds really unnatural to keep this little plinky thing going while the string section is swelling like that. Another option would be to increase velocity of the xylophone there to make it sound more naturally orchestrated. I get that you're going for serene underwater, but- oh it just hit me that at the end of your song you bring in a piano, you could give the piano better incorporation by making the xylophone bit the piano during the loud parts, cuz the piano is pretty random.

So anyway at 01:22 I would go back to using xylophone and then at 02:07 I would either switch it to piano or have the piano and the xylophone play the same melody layered over each other. As I think of it I would go with the former.

I like your Grant Kirkhope-esque waltz you threw in at 01:32.

I dislike how the song ends and would prefer an ethereal wash to end the song rather than a swell and some weird cadences. The thing at 02:43-02:50 sounds like I'm starting up Fallout 3 since it is the same melody and chords. I'm not saying your ending is uninteresting, I just don't like it and am not so sure it lends a lot to the composition.

To conclude, I generally like the song, but there are things that are clawing at me about it. The instrumentation and arpeggios of the song have reminded me of the FF7 OST, specifically 'Anxious Heart' and 'Tifa's Theme' (not that the song is a lot like these, it just reminds me of them in a way).

Credits & Info


4.61 / 5.00

May 15, 2020
7:37 AM EDT
File Info
7.3 MB
3 min 12 sec
  • VSCO 2
Misc. Kit
  • symphony essentials string ensemble
  • joshua bell violin
  • Berlin Orchestra Inspire
  • Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion
  • Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato
  • The Grandeur
  • 8dio adagio

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