High Frequency

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Something I did a while back. Please rate and review, I could use the help!

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The square sound you used reminds me of Megaman 8 music.
Which is a compliment comeing from a giant Megaman nerd like me.
The only thing I suggest is mixing up the drums every fourth or eighth beat.I kept waiting for a drum fill of some kind to add a little dynamic.
A great dance song regardless.
I voted 4/5 and review at 9/10.

Jimbobsthebest responds:

Thanks for the review man, and I'll take the drum advice in to consideration.


I thought quick-shot left newgrounds. Good to know he is still around. So the intro has a nice rising falling sound playing in the background. Sounds like I'm listening to techno. Interesting drums. Here is my summary:

-got some good background support. (like that atmosphery instruments helping in the background)
-the drums sound unique and clubby
-like what you did with your filters or did you put a phaser? (who doesn't like the effect of making a instrument sound like it is being swallowed
-title seems to be appropriate
-!!! the song loops perfectly (are you sure this is considered a song? I'd classify it as a song loop...a very long loop)
-bass sounds cool (to me it sounds like a sub bass)

-The digital like lead instrument sounds cool, but it appears too many times in this song that the repeating beats get a tad annoying
-highly repetitive song
-1:45 the song sounds plain (Not enough is going on here. Feels empty and that fuzzy double beat good have been used in a better way)
-for a song and not a long loop the ending is non existant.

Overall a soft beat nice to listen to. Maybe add a few more changes composition wise. 5 vote and 9 review.

Jimbobsthebest responds:

Thanks for the brilliant lengthy review music-story. I know exactly what you mean with most of the bad pointers and I really need to concerntrate on making stuff that doesn't sound too repetitive.

Cheers again mate.


It seems to be a Bunch of Loops put Together, this isn't the Art of Making Music my Friend, although it had a Good Atmospheric Groove to it. I like the Techy effects, but overall it's just not Perfect.

Jimbobsthebest responds:

Fair enough if you didn't like it... although this has nothing to do with putting a 'bunch of loops together'. I do not use ready written loops in any of my songs, and all the sounds you will hear have been manipulated by me in some way.

I am quite interested in what you believe to be the art of making music, if you could PM me and let me know I would be very grateful,

Thanks for your review, jimbobsthebest

I like it a lot, cool groove - makes me bounce ;)

I like this! Makes me happy and moody at the same time. cool groove! Atmospheric too! keep up the good work, dude ;)

Jimbobsthebest responds:

Cheers for another review kinupsi. I know with you its ALL about the groove, so i try and keep it coming! Thanks again for the review, and keep composing. I'm looking forward to your next submission.


though only thing i would realy change is how long the intro is but thats just my opinoin i like to get to the part with all the instrumnts sounds whatever after about 15sec anyway im rambling so nice job

Jimbobsthebest responds:

Cheers for another review man. I really think I need to work on my introductions for the future, but hopefully i'll get it right in the end.

Thanks again nameofuser, James

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Aug 23, 2007
6:31 AM EDT
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