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The Ride on the Pianofalls

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Author Comments

This beast taught me the importance of patience and self-discipline; with 16 different VST instruments, over 200 hours of work and a 7:37 duration, this is by far the biggest musical composition I've ever done!

I'm very proud of this.

Enjoy, fellow NewGrounders!

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Piano | EastWest - Bechstein Master
Viola | Kontakt Factory Library - Viola Solo & Embertone - Fischer Viola 1.0
Saxophone | DVS Saxophone & Embertone - Sensual Saxophone
Acoustic Guitar | Ample Sound - Ample Guitar Martin III
Electric Guitar | EastWest - Ministry of Rock II & Native Instruments - Rhythm Rock Guitar
Brass | EastWest - Hollywood Pop Brass
Accordion | EastWest - Gypsy
Full Strings | EastWest - Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra
Cello | Kontakt Factory Library - Cello Solo
Bass | Broomstick Bass - Fender Jazz Bass & Image-Line - BooBass
Djembe | Native Instruments - West Africa
Drums | XLN Audio - Addictive Drums 2
Voice | EastWest - Voices of Passion
Castanets | EastWest - Gypsy
Glockenspiel | Edirol - Orchestral
Synth SFX | u-he - Zebra2

Mixing & Mastering

Shadow Hills - Mastering Compressor;
• Slate Digital - FG-401;
• Renaissance Compressor;
• SPL Attacker Plus;
• Native Instruments - Guitar Rig 5.

• FabFilter - Pro-Q 2;
• Brainworx - console N;
• Image-Line - Fruity Parametric EQ 2;
• Izotope - Ozone 8 Vintage EQ.

Stereo Enhancement
• Brainworx - stereomaker;
• Izotope - Ozone 8 Imager;
• Image-Line - Fruity Stereo Enhancer;
• Image-Line - Fruity Delay Bank.

Saturation, Drive & Amplification
• Brainworx - refinement;
• Noveltech - Vocal Enhancer;
• Izotope - Ozone 8 Exciter;
• Elysia - Museq Master;
• Slate Digital - Revival;
• Slate Digital - Virtual Mixbuss;
• Native Instruments - Guitar Rig 5.

Impulse Response Reverb
• EastWest - Spaces II.

Dynamic Noise Gate
• Variety of Sound - preFIX 1.0.

Mastering Limiter
• Izotope - Ozone 8 Maximizer.

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I like the bright tone at the beginning and the sound design. The piano sounds really rich and full, which is good, but also a bit inauthentic. Maybe it’s the way it’s filtered? I like the injection of energy at :34 and the melodic flourishes in the strings. There’s a great devious sort of mood at 1:03. You really sold the narrative quality of this one, and despite all the variety in the composition the progression is really smooth. The drum rolls at 2:23 are especially nice, and the slightly dissonant piano line at 2:58 was also a fun detail. I’m just going to list a bunch of other small things that I thought were really cool: the percussion and vocals at around 4:05, the emotional quality of the string mini-solo at 5:40, and the beautiful pacing and spaciousness of the piano solo at 5:55. If I had to complain about something, it might be that there could’ve been a bit more cohesion in the structure. Still, I know you poured your heart into this, and it shows. Absolutely inspiring work here, especially with the composition. Keep it up, ScottSoul! ^^

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

ScottSoul responds:

Quite the review there, TaintedLogic! Perhaps you can help me understand what you mean by 'authenticity' in the piano, and 'cohesion' in the structure; it's too vague for me to comprehend your point of view (which I appreciate greatly)! :)

I wish I could thank you properly for the flowers you're throwing at me for all the details you're picking up on, but all I can really say is everything I compose is somewhat unconscious; namely, I'm not entirely responsible for what comes out onto my DAW. Most of the time, I'm taken aback myself by how extensive "my" work can be. The soul is a wild animal.

Thank you so much, TaintedLogic, for favoriting my track and reviewing it. It means the world to me.

Holy Guacamole, that's very high quality !
Hard to believe you only have 3 fans as of right now. I'll shout you out ^^

Bonne chance pour la NGUAC, tu dois être le seul francophone a avoir réussi à y entrer :)
Edit : Shoutout sur Newgrounds (ça peut aider) et sur Discord (dans des serveurs de musiques et à des amis producteurs)

ScottSoul responds:

Où vas-tu me 'shout out'? Je suis curieux. :D
Mais oui, seulement que 3 fans (maintenant 5, ouuuh!). Même si j'en aurais juste un, j'suis super reconnaissant que ma musique touche quelqu'un!

Merci beaucoup, Gabriel. Tu es super gentil. J'apprécie ton commentaire et je suis content que tu aies autant aimé ma composition!

*Réponse à ton edit: Je suis ravi que tu présentes mon travail à ton réseau social. Merci de ta générosité. Ça me touche beaucoup.

Great and ambitious track, i really like it! The drums are amazing and such a joy to listen, although they sound a little too dry for my taste, considering how orchestral the song is. Some instruments sound a little too "midi", but that doesn't matter when the song is really good! You deserved that 9.63/10 on that contest :)

ScottSoul responds:

Haha, yeah, I went for a more hard rock/metal mix for the drums and kept a particular focus on the overhead microphone. It is quite dry, but I felt it was taking too much space otherwise. Who knows, maybe I'll learn how to do it differently in the future :)

And yeah, sometimes it's hard to get rid of that MIDI feel when you're dealing with a couple of free/cheap VSTs; it doesn't help make other instruments sound realistic! With time I'll learn how to do work around it better.

You have good ears, Zirius! Thank you so much for your review and appreciation. I'm grateful to you. :)

I dig this piece.
Also, impressive list of gear.
Some of the sax parts sound kinda plasticy though.

ScottSoul responds:

You're absolutely right for the sax parts.
I'm saving up some money to buy 8Dio's Studio Saxophones plugin for this reason.
It'll make the EQing a lot easier.

I appreciate your review a lot. Very glad you dig it.
Dziękuję ci, good sir.

Credits & Info


4.79 / 5.00

May 9, 2020
8:56 PM EDT
File Info
17.4 MB
7 min 38 sec
  • FL Studio 20

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