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AIM2020 - Petrochemical

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Inspired by Petrochemical by Kidpxl

13/05/2020 EDIT: I tried my best with some equalizers and a little bit of compressor (plus limiter) to make the sound quality better. I think it was an improvement even if just a little bit better.

The concept for this song was, well, the image and the industrial workplace. Feelings like emotion-less machines, repetitiveness, dull work days, machine like precision (hence why the midi notes are all locked in position) are all what I was going for... (Although, is repetitiveness and "dullness" really something I should be striving for in music?)

The song starts in D dorian then goes to G dorian through a Cm chord (I have some theories as why that worked) and then to C dorian, in a rather lazy way just to keep things moving, and then finally end the song with a Am chord that is quite restless (and that's the point, it's like the alarm at the end of a factory - it has a really loud and restless presence, almost saying "you can rest... for now! But tomorrow you will resume working!" - much like how restless capitalism is with always keeping up the growth rate at above 0.5% or some thing

I decided to compose the song on the dorian mode (it matches what I was looking for) while looking at the image and thinking about what kind of chord progression and then while trying out some things on a piano I came up with the chord progression, bass and main melody.

I was prompt to mess around and start trying to edit loops or even unconventional audios to use for my songs and... I think I did a good job with the "industrial factory" drum set that I created from free audio sources that I found (and/or were given to me). A special thanks for the Freesound site!

I hope the job I did with mixing and mastering was good enough (I really didn't want to sacrifice to much of the audio's dynamics just to make it loud enough to be "normal" sounding, ya know?)

One final note, does this belong to the "electronic - industrial" genre or is it something else? (maybe just video game?) I didn't search for any major industrial sound music, my inspirations were susumu hirasawa's work (mainly "mindscape") and a song from touhou ("Phantasm Machine ~ Phantom Factory" the CoSD CD version)

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This is an Art-Inspired Music contest review.
Full disclosure: my rubrics include five factors, each out of 10, for a total of 50.

Loving the use of the grab in the main chord motif. I love the percussion in here. There are inklings of melody dipping in and out that I feel I can sing back with little effort. Nothing felt abrupt, and everything had its place. When you introduced some wilder variations to some already familiar melodic motifs it was really nice, and when you changed the key towards the end it was a very pleasant surprise.

I would have perhaps appreciated a little quieter part, and an ending whose features did get used a bit more in the rest of the piece.

No complaints as far as this piece is concerned.

It felt decently industrial, about on-point.

It sounds reminiscent of the Mega Drive-era soundtracks, but you've varied it enough to really own this style.

Atmospherically, this is a very nice fit. The music does suggest some more activity that I need to mentally stretch to see past what's being shown, but it is a nitpick at this juncture.

TOTAL: 45/50

Very nice. Love that industrial feel you rarely get without having someone screaming in your ear at the same time.

Dude, I love this! Great job, I like how well it goes with the picture you chose! It's a nice piece to listen to while looking at the picture.


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4.08 / 5.00

May 6, 2020
5:44 PM EDT
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