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Edit: thanks a lot for the front page!

Made this one thinking of an intense videogame level with a lot of things happening. Can you guess what were my inspirations? It's quite easy if you know the games.

Free to use for non commercial stuff. Please credit using the link to this page.

If you want this song for a commercial project, please contact me! Edits can be made.

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I like this one, feels like and industrial level or corporative level in a sonic game

This song is really cool! But I wish I could make a GD Level to it.

Joeyag responds:

I just looked it up and enabled the song for Geomery Dash. I hope you have fun!

I touch on the short side for me. But you've got it all here. Nice pace, good dynamics, nice changes to keep it interesting. Well done! A favorite from this hombre!

Joeyag responds:

thanks a lot!

LOL R-Type Delta

Joeyag responds:

YES! There's one more, though

Quick Edit: I listened to this track on a pair of studio headphones with a relatively flat frequency response. I just listened through on my pair of gaming headphones which seems to boost bass. It still sounds great!

I tried to be thorough with this review so I apologize for its potential length. I hope you find it helpful nonetheless.


0:00 - I like the fade in of the synth since it adds a nice bit of tension right off the bat.

0:04 - The distorted/detuned synth that fades in alongside the pad is a great addition. Very nice and airy.

0:22 - I do like the low pass filter that's applied to the drums here but it does get slightly muddy in the low end here. It's a little hard to hear the snare and I wonder if letting just a little more of a narrow band of presence/treble through might help, or at least lowering it instead of seemingly cutting it completely. The mud only lasts for about a second or a second and a half, so it's not really a big deal at all.

0:25 - First solo of the track here. I listened to the loop a couple times and this particular arrangement just didn't grow on me; however, this really is just 100% personal taste.
I like the first couple of seconds of the solo. It has a nice variety of intervals in it but then it sort of tapers off and I find it gets a little bland, almost like listening to someone practice scales. The last few seconds with the two sets of bent/slid notes, however, are great. I think that they add a lot of flavor and the sudden jump in pitch from the first set of bends to the second isn't really expected on the first couple of listens, but I think that's what makes it so appealing. It also serves as a great transition into the next section of the loop.

0:42 - I love this part of the song. It's extremely melodic and the distant, airy synth gives it this great dreamlike atmosphere.

1:10 - Big fan of the sudden shift here. Cool backing arpeggio that sits underneath/behind the soloing instruments.
In regards to the solos here, I like the difference in timbre and the whole "call and response" thing you've got going on with them. There's a decent amount of variety in note duration so each lick the instruments play is noticeable and differentiable. Strong end to the loop here.

Mixing - Very well done here. Each instrument is fairly clear and easy to pick out. Not too much low end or high, piercing, shrill sounds that don't seem like they're supposed to be there. There's a very small window where the track gets a little muddy but, again, it's just for a second or two and isn't a big deal. The reverb on some of the channels/instruments isn't overbearing and fits the song well.

Composition - Again, well done. It's frantic but I also feel that it's not so intrusive as to completely distract someone from whatever they're doing in the context of a video game environment. The thing that I think this song does extremely well is remaining interesting while being able to sit in the background; however, it also has these great moments in the transition where it can pull someone's attention back to the track for a moment so that it doesn't completely fade into the background.

Overall - I like this track a lot. You say that it made you think of an intense level in some game and I think that I would agree with that sentiment. It does what you seemingly wanted it to do while also being good enough to listen to on its own.

Joeyag responds:

Damn, that's a hell of a review! Thanks a lot!

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4.21 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2020
10:56 PM EDT
Video Game
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