Trancending the Negative

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Just finished this today. Happy litlte simple song to uplift your spirits.


Barely working for me.

It's healing power is low. The song is quite soft. If this was a normal trance song, then it would be mediocre. Sorry! Just keep trying!

this is for all you people who duno what ur sayin

this is TRANCE very very slow inconsistent epic trance

although this song is everything i hate about trance I dont blame you for it you really have no info on the history of edm and for that i am giving you this link
http://www.di.fm/edmguide/edmguide.ht ml

this will give u everything you need to know about genre classification of electronic music (even if the writer is a little biased at times)

now onto the song the song is slow and boring and doesnt take me on a journey. it is not trippy it is barely euphoric and it doesnt make my emotions run wild or anything. It mostly confuses me because the main anthem is on a constant solo that is constantly changing and fucking up the perception of the song. A lot of times the main synth doesnt work well with the beat and the rythem from the strings in the background. It's also very minimal and although that is sometimes good it is not when your dealing with epic trance or anthem trance. this song has no depth that is it's biggest flaw.

don't take anything i say too seriously this is only my opinion u can bash my music all u want as well.

all i can say is keep writin man

FIRST VOTE!!!!!!!!one!!!!

ok now that thats out of the way, i really liked it. This had a nice beat to it. Quite relaxing. though i think this is more of a trance song. they are almost the same, so whatever. Great song, keep it up

GothHawk responds:

Wow. Thanks, man. I'm never really sure what style/genre I'm doing lol . I've asked many people and they're all like, "Trance!" "No, I think it's techno" "now way, he's more rave" "you're nuts, he's experimental." So I gave up trying to label myself. I just call it "Music" and I label it Techno cuz it's technologically made1 lol

Anyway, thanks again! and tell your friends =P

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