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Fantastic Journey

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After almost a half year (end of October of 2019), I come up with another big orchestral composition.

This piece costed me around 10 days of intensive work. Composing, orchestration, sound design, mixing, mastering... so many things I was struggling with, and I really hope (as usually) it was worth it. :)

Since I had to do a lot with dramatic, battle-like and apocalyptic music, I decided to go with something more peaceful and playful. I would say the piece is familiar to 'The Incredible Adventure' and 'A new Beginning' in terms of the emotions.

I tried to solve this settings in a very classical way, which I know isn't everyone's taste. But lately, I really got a taste for complex orchestra. :P

Also, this time I didn't use a full choir, which I usually do. This time, a female soloist was enough for me to include.^^

Used instruments:

Double Basses



1st Violins

2nd Violins





Tin Whistle



Bass Trombones

Tenor Trombones

French Horns


Female soloist







Enjoy listening! :)

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I like the bright tone of the strings and the gradual swell into :27. Pretty awesome use of sound design throughout. I believe I detect a bit of Rossini at :30 - and other places too. :) The piece wavers between many different emotions over time, and I wish the progression was a tad more fluid at times. That said, I like how you "carry over" some elements between passages (like the drums at around 2:00) to keep the structure coherent. Really seems like William Tell inspired a lot of this piece, which also helps give it some thematic grounding that I often don't hear in your works. I really like the full-textured mellow section at around 3:45, which makes the lively section at around the 5-minute mark all the more climactic. The horn melody at 6:20 was a strong conclusion to the piece as well. Overall, fantastic work as usual, Vocif! I think these lengthy orchestral pieces constitute my favorite sub-category of your work. ^_^

I love the lively orchestration. You achieved a full, warm sound. The selection of chords is wonderful, and it really shines during the sustain sections. I like the build ups to the busy sections; you did a great job at creating a dynamic structure. I think you achieved a good balance between the feelings of awe and exuberance, which are dominant throughout the piece.

I think much of the song's liveliness is thanks to the excellent composition and instrumentation, but I believe you can go even further by meticulously finetuning the automation on expression, vibrato, etc.

Although the mix is good in that I can hear everything well enough, I wish the melodic lines were more prominent or in-focus. I think the mix could benefit from having a slightly greater hierarchy.

I enjoyed this a lot, and I can imagine this being used in a game trailer.

Intro is the stuff of legends to me, there needs to be more of this, but something tells me that there's been plenty of borrowing from William Tell in the theming of this piece. It's well produced, and actual *classical* is very seldom heard in this day and age which makes it refreshing to me.

The thematic bit that comes in with the mallets after the first soft bit... feels a bit... trite to me. There are some points where it feels peaceful, some parts where it feels solemnly adventurous, and some parts where it feels calm, but never do these bits meet. I do get emotional whiplash from this a lot.

Plenty of the fortes and mezzos, very little of the pianos and pianissimos. I'd love to know what you had in mind in composing the sections as they are; it is hard for me to tell how at this point.

VociferousMusic responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, William Tell, haha. Actually, I thank you very much for giving me the composer's name as I kinda forgot his name. But you are right, I kind of thought about his piece 'Overture Finale' when I composed this (however, I did not listen to his piece since quite a while). But anyway, I wanted to somewhat recycle his concept and re-use it in a more... modern way, while still staying classical.

I totally agree with you about pianos. To be honest, I already have been a composer for dramatic and actionful music and started off as such. I'm currently trying to get into softer music, but step by step. I could have stretched the part at 1:22 for quite a while and keep it like that, but at the moment I felt like I have to get to the point, so I left it rather short.

At the end, what I wanted to express with this piece is a story of a younger aged character who meets a fantasy world, meets new friends, exploring and experiencing adventures with them. So here I kind of focused on the playful adventure thing.
If I wanted to describe a movie with this, my choice definitely would fall for a Disney or Pixar production.

My main goal for this composition actually was to work on my transitions in between sections, which I hope I have improved compared to my past works.

The feeling of fantasy and child-like adventuring comes through really clearly here. Do I think it comes across as playful? Yes. Do I think it comes across as peaceful? In some parts, yes. Overall It has a "Get-up-and-go" vibe to it.

You obviously spent a lot of work on this piece, which is why it's a bit hard for me, as a fellow songwriter, to not give it 5 stars. However, I think the messages of playful and peaceful aren't as consistent throughout as they could be. Sometimes it's playful, and sometimes it's peaceful, with stark contrast between them, but at no point is it both.

I think a complex piece like this needs a video or image, or at the very least, a description of the imagery going through your head for each part, for me to really get a sense of what the different segments represent.

Personally, I like this piece, although classical is not my preferred genre. If it were strictly about my opinion I'd give a different score, but I'm reviewing this based on how clearly I think your intent comes through regardless of my taste in music.

As far as that goes, I think you did a great job.

More info about how I review music here: https://codefreq.newgrounds.com/news/post/1089806

VociferousMusic responds:

Thank you for the feedback. I do appreciate it, whether be it positive or negative.

My phrases probably were a bit unclear, so you most likely misunderstood it partially. Actually I meant this piece is very playful in comparison to my recent soundtracks.
I never did intent to have the piece be emotional and playful at once. While I enjoy to provide lots of different feelings within one track, I prefer them to come one by one, and not all together. :)

You definitely are right about the point about a picture or video being required to feel what I intended to express with the piece, so I do fully understand that it's rather hard for someone to feel it, especially when that kind of music isn't what you listen to in a regular manner.

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4.45 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2020
11:09 AM EDT
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