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Touch of Madness - Empty (2/8)


Author Comments


Track 2 of my recent album Empty. I hope y'all like it

Listen to the album on your favorite service through this link

Thanks for listening!

~ NoStereo

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Review for Review I honestly think this is great. I get a lot of Dexter's Laboratory vibes coming from the chorus. Specifically the start has a nice flow but I do feel like that vocal entrance was a bit held too long. maybe a little less reverb on that one. When it gets to 1:08 that's when the Dex Lab feels hit strong. I would have liked to hear some nice wobbles there though. Maybe a mega saw drop could have been nice. The interlude comes in at 1:37 and that really calms the chain flow and gives your listeners some time to breath. Starting at 2:04 to 2:32 seemed shorter than the beginning verse which just seems better that way and then the drop hits and I liked it but it also felt dry on variety.

In conclusion to this review I like it and it's an interesting combo of dark but chill melodies that really shows the uniqueness of the song. My only complaints are variety like drops and SFX that could have given it a little more umph. Keep it up though! I lkike your style!

NoStereo responds:

Wow dexter's lab, that's an old one. Thanks for the great review!

Alright, so this piece of music is very interesting. I feel it tries some things that other musicians just don't try to put into their contemporary music. If anything, I kinda enjoy the weird aesthetic going on with this song, and in order to understand why, let me get into the nitty-gritty of what makes this song special.

Starting off with the beginning, it's very repetitive. Bb Major scale with an interesting progression and an ARP with some drums. This goes on for a minute before we get an actual change in music. While most of the time repetitiveness is not a great thing, I think the execution of it here is tolerable. Especially with how drastic of a change that comes afterwards. the drop gives off an interesting feel as the scale switches between major and minor, and then abandons the scale entirely in favor of a chromatic scale with the bassline, then returns back to B Major (I think?). This shift in tone expresses sharp tones that almost clash together, but the more I listen to it, the more I actually begin to enjoy what's being played out. It almost sounds maddening... enter namesake here. Then, we get to the same progression as the intro, now with a different lead instrument and melody. After this break, we're back into the madness, and then the song ends.

Now, while I really like this song and what it's trying to aim for, I think a few things could be improved on to make what you're trying to say better. For instance, a lot of the instruments seem to clash together in the mids, producing a more muddy sound that, no matter what you make, doesn't sound great and sounds unprofessional. This piece could do with a little bit of mixing to fix that issue. Another issue stems from the composition. We have the following composition:

Intro - Verse - Chorus - Intro (ad.) - Verse (ad.) - Chorus

This doesn't make for an interesting listening experience, even with the subtle changes in the latter half of the song. Might I suggest doing something such as....

Intro - Verse - Chorus - Bridge - Verse (ad.) - Buildup - Chorus - End

Here, we get a break with the bridge, and the latter half adds a buildup, making the second drop more exciting and adding to the theme of madness.

Despite these two issues, I still think this song has some interesting ideas heading for it. Either way, great job!

NoStereo responds:

Awesome review! Thanks a ton! I actually made this song back in 2015 and attempted to spruce it up a bit for the album but kept it mostly the same.

Sometimes I want to make conventional music, but I think pushing the bounds and putting my own spin on things is the way to go. I agree that the composition could have been better by far. The ending however makes more sense when you listen to the album, as the whole album flows song to song. I started this album back in 2015 inspired by madeon's *first?* album, which had the same concept.

Again, thanks for the epic review!

I think I'm going to work on an extended and remastered version...


NoStereo responds:


a lot more better than what i do

NoStereo responds:

Give it time, I wasn't making anything like this when I first started 10 years ago.

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Mar 26, 2020
1:09 PM EDT
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