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Author Comments

mellow thick keys, glitchyish drums, phaser effects. miscellaneous/ambient loop


now this is the shiz

This is my style right here man, Absolutely loving it :) your tracks are hot .. 5/5's for you my friend.

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

gee, well thanks nubbin! thanks for the review and 5!


that one intrument kinda does stand out a bit too much. I think the one you used the aquablahblah (maybe im stabbing in the dark at that guess) phaser preset on. Those random metallic sounding hits just kinda threw me off for a second and i had to figure out what was going on lol.

Other than that, everything sounds sweet. As said before, the loop is seamless. Lovin the keys again....you can hardly go wrong with those. Did you custom tweak the knobs for your keys? they dont quite sound like anything they regularly sound like... XD

Anyway smooth track here!
like it a lot XD


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Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

ahaha sweet another review! cheers man!

the one instrument that is phased is just a snare sample actually. haha. yea its kinda out of place-I was just trying to go for something unique and abnormal sounding at the time.

I usually just use the compressed piano preset and just tweak the knobs accordingly to my mood. I added loadsa reverb with some noticeable decay to get my sound. The little piano bit in the intro has a wideing chorus effect so it sounds slightly out of tune and wobbly. I personally think it adds some character.

Once again, thanks for the review. you didnt have to leave two man, but I certainly do appreciate it :D

Calming and relaxing

I liked this loop. Neatly made, and, as previously mentioned by the many others that had reviewed this song, the looping is seamless (or really, really almost unnoticeable).

The phased instrument is out-of-the-blue (mark of originality?), but I have to admit that IMO it felt out of place. It sort of gave me an off-feel to the overall track. If I were the one doing this track, I'd slow down the phaser. (Side note: I have an inclination for pop.)

Overall, it's a loop that's almost perfect for playing repetitively for a long time. You get 5 and 9. Good job! ^_^

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Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

I'll have to reload this and try it with a slower phased riff...or maybe use both and make a full track....anyways thanks for the suggestion, nice comments, and good numbers! appreciate it.

Pretty sweet stuff.

You definitely should venture more into songs than loops, not saying you do a bad job with them, but I'd like to hear a longer progression! This song actually loops almost seamlessly.

The glitchy stuff is always good. A plugin I think you'd appreciate is dblue's glitch.. www.illformed.org/glitch It is free, and I use it to accompany manual slicing and effects... It can really tear things apart in a nice way.

But yes, the piano and percussion come together quite well... I like the stereo effects and the way the sounds are balanced, definitely comes through well.

Anyways, good luck man.. hope to hear more of you here in the future.
5/5 9/10

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Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

hey thanks for the nice review!

first off, the reason why my stuff is short is because I use the demo version, until recently. and i usually suck at making full length songs, I make the intro unproportional to the rest of the track.

I actually use dblue glitch :P just not in this track...this actually isnt all that glitchy once I look back at it.

anyways, thanks a bunch for the suggestions and listen, its appreciated man.

Question :

Why does this have such a low rating? This is one of the few really good loops I've heard in quite a while.

You know what did it? The piano. It's amazing. I'm gonna assume based on your name and the chords in this loop that you know lots about theory. I love complex chords/chord progressions.

And yes, I do think that this would make a good puzzle game bg loop. =P

PS thanks for reviewing some of my songs. You were a lot of help!

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Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

hey thanks for those nice comments :D

i guess the score is low(Although i thought it was a decent score) because it got 0 bombed, like most everyone's submissions. but yeah not overalll a bad score IMO.

glad you liked the piano progression, ive dabbled with some music theory, took a class on it when I was in high school :) (my screename is actually a dry music theory joke)

again, thanks a lot for the comments and good score! and you're welcome, i enjoy reviewing other people's stuff, hit me up anytime if you want another review :D

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Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2007
11:50 PM EDT
File Info
862.1 KB
55 sec

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