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Deep Forest of Rest

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Know, everyone, that this piece is merely a test. So if you hear something wrong, SAY SO!

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Love IT!

I love it, i can imagine in my bed now, thank you!

Deflektor responds:

hehe, no problem !

wow music to sooth even the most savage beast

every time i'm tense angry or what have you, i always lstin to this song and the same picture comes to mind
a young man under a tree gazing up at the leafs an old friend whos a girl pokes her head obstructing his vision she lays down next to him and recalls about the past fun they've had under that very tree. it shows flashbacks about two little kids a boy and a girl chasing each otherother around the old oak tree.the girl falls and scrapes her knee. the boy says something but there is no sound. the boy pulls out a bandaid and puts it on the girls knee. the flashbacks come back to reality and the girls telling him he's spacing out again and the man chases the girl like they did in the past just laughing and chuckling and enjoying life.
the girls gives up and they sit exausted both looking up at the leaves now. a squirrle comes down and peacefully sits on the mans stomach un afraid even after the man sneezed.
this song realy makes me apreciate the scerenity and beuty of nature. you have a real gift for music

Deflektor responds:

Hey, nice story you got there ! Pretty classic, though. Thanks for the sweet review !

As requested!

Dude, this is phenominal! Way to go on this one, no one is lying about imagery here ^^.

The song itself: Very nice orchestra work, sounds very sentimental for you can hear the strings wavelengths straining...good choice on the orchestra, I especially liked the solo strings. The flute work was also great, and the timpani roll flourishes were perfect, I wouldn't have thought of that. I also like the cymbal and windchime glistens throughout the piece..

Imagery: As we start out, we are relaxed and walking through an intriguing forest, and although there is nothing initially grand about it, we have a sense..a strange feeling that more lies in this forest then meets the eye...
Suddenly, the trees break open into a small open area, the sun beaming down in strands upon it, feeding the flowers which bloom there. First we notice the beautiful flowers blossoming, a grand sight indeed, but it is not until idly staring at these for a few breif eternities that we notice a nimble little butterfly, leaping from one flower to the other, suckling at it's heart content.
We approach, it flees farther back, we countinue approaching and the butterfly countinues its retreat...we are now following for no particular rhyme or reason, but out of an undeniable curiosity and good nature..
Now we follow it through a narrow pathway of the forest, and finally, as grand old trees begin to be seen, we emerge into a vast open area, a grand lake at it's center, a grand waterfall at its mouth..It was an avalon...
As the butterfly then flew off, we noticed tree, alone from all others in appearence, and approach..Upon arriving at it we lay our head againt it and peer upward, closing our eyes...there was nothing to be seen in our mind, nothing but an indescribable peace, overcoming us, unable to be withold, unable to be withstrained..and as a lone man on that very tree, we began to play our cello without restraint..withought encouragement or pay ... it was insipration and bliss that played that cello for us...
As we lay there playing our cello so very timelessly, a beautiful young woman appraches, playing a small, unidentifiable flutelike instrument...we played together for an eternity until, like a dream, she vanished, leaving us alone playing one last strand of song.... one last verse....one last truth....
Now from an out of body veiw we slowly revolve upward...and like a satistfied spirit leaving it's host we watch the lake circle out of veiw, leaving only a white haze in it's wake...

Thanks for reading such a lenghty review! If you were slightly confused be the end, let me sum it up..it was basically a sureal experience of sheer perfection that turned out to be an illusion of the mind, a dream, or perhaps the reality that is shrouded by the world...

GREAT SONG! 5/5! 10/10!

Best of Wishes and With Great Sincerity,

Deflektor responds:

Don't worry, that wasn't that confusing, but dude i love your reviews.

After reading your whole review, depicting such a dream, i'm now wondering; when you sleep, you dream right?

But if the rest in itself was the dream?

Wow, see what you're doing to me? I'm turning all crazy, lol !

Anyways thanks ALOT, and i mean ALOT for accepting my request.


Yes! Wonderful. I'm looking for Forest themes and solemn but powerful music. This delivers both wonderful. It flows, it meshes, nothing stands out as grating, everything feels 'balanced'. The instruments sound well together and its been brought together wonderfully with an inspired timing instead of a strict melody.

Deflektor responds:

This is probably my best piece at the time i'm writing this reply. But i hope to get even better.
Thanks for the review!

Five out of Five

A beautiful track i love this audio, its got a lovely tune and beat to it.Its classical which i love, this deserves a much higher score.It reminds me of a forrest ,so great title. Im adding it to my favourites great job.

Deflektor responds:

Thanks alot, dude! I hope to make other great songs for you to favorite (lol!) .
Thanks again dude!

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4.72 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2007
4:07 PM EDT
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