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child of the woods


Author Comments

Oh boy. This was a very difficult song to write -- not musically, but certainly lyrically. The subject matter behind this song haunted me ever since I was in my teens. A decade later, it still applies, and I wanted to write about it. It still breaks my heart. I remember almost tearing up when I threw in the sound effects of the wood burning.

In order to write about this subject, I dreamed up a fantasy / RPG story where a child, our titular "child of the woods," is one of a dying race of druids. Their forests are being forcefully cut down, their homes destroyed, their people exterminated, and those who defend them also exterminated by a wicked king. A passing traveller, who is not of their world, chances upon the druids, who are gathering together in mourning, and the child tells the traveller the story of their kin -- in what might be their last chance to do so before they, too, are consumed by the senseless violence of the king.

Real-life parallels are happening today -- we only need to look at the Amazonians and various other indigenous tribes displaced by greedy people in a merciless manner, and the various forests set on fire -- and these real-life parallels led me to write this song.

FL Studio 11 for sequencing; Audacity for recordings, FL Studio 20 for mixing and mastering.

All vocals are mine, including the lower ones (I'm normally a mezzo soprano).

I also recorded harp glissandi and some brief playing, and some light percussion.



Come mourn here by my side, and stay here awhile;

we're losing our every last reason to smile.

You're one of the few who have dared ventured here;

now you shall bear witness to our final prayer.


Our temples are burnt down, our homes all destroyed,

our young men deliberately left unemployed;

the trees are our friends, giving shelter and food,

but they're fast disappearing, and we'll starve for good.


How has the king asked that you treat our kind?

He said we should live as though you don't exist;

I know that he sees us with hate in his mind--

he puts to the fire and sword those who insist

he casts us to hell; says that's where we belong.

that you're meant to be free, doesn't matter the race.

Our songs have been silenced, our grief has been long.

He tortures the good men with glee on his face.


Would that I not need to do the unhappy deed

of singing the tale of the evil king's greed!

He started the blaze that would not fade away,

a wound in the earth's heart, and there it shall stay.


(O stay here awhile, now, and join in our mourning,

and let your tears mingle with ours;

for we're left with nothing; what little we have

is fast dying like the leaves on the trees.


O stay here awhile, now, don't turn us away;

let our last song take root in your soul.

Sing to your children and your children's children

about what you've seen-----)


I've lost my mother, my brothers, my friends;

I know many more people whose lives met their end

at the hands of the king's men who crossed through these parts.

But still deeper than this run the wounds in our hearts.


(O stay here awhile, now, and join in our mourning,

and let your tears mingle with ours;

for we're left with nothing; what little we have

is fast dying like the leaves on the trees.


O stay here awhile, now, don't turn us away;

let our last song take root in your soul.

Sing to your children and your children's children

about what you've seen-----)


O stay here awhile, I have one final plea;

be the bright sword of truth for my brethren and me.

My vision grows dark, but my voice shall be heard,

and I'm counting on you, my friend, to spread the word.


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This is melanchony right there. The music is just perfect.
It gives me the fusion of a tribal ceremony with a somewhat electronic, and symphonic feel.
You got a really beautiful style and the creativity to go with it.

The lyrics are on point too. Painfully emotional.

I am looking forward rewiewing more of your work,keep it up!
This is one of the most beautiful musical pieces ive ever listened to.

Wow, this is powerful. Music like this doesn't come often. I'm floored. The lyrics and the music work perfectly together.

Technically, it's great, too. The music is quiet, but I think in this specific instance it highlights the small, yet strong and determined voices that the piece is about.

Truely amazing job! :D

More info about how I review music here: https://codefreq.newgrounds.com/news/post/1089806

Troisnyx responds:

Oh gosh, thank you for the kind words ;_; <3

This was a heart-wrencher to record and produce; I'm just grateful that it touches others similarly. I'm grateful that it has touched you this way, too.

Jeez that's some heavy subject matter you've got going on there. Everyone always forgets the tribes losing their homes and instead think of a few frogs and maybe a parrot or two. People say that they want to stop this but they aren't doing anything or are even doing it themselves, sounds pretty hypocritical to me. It's time we get some real change going on in her! Wow that was real deep for me. Great song though!

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you~

I'm hoping that those who hear it might pass it on and call for that change somehow; I don't know how it is to come about against powerful people who block any sort of relief for these tribes, our brethren. That being said however, I imagine they want people like us to give up on this sort of thing; I don't want us to give up.

I hadn't reviewed anything of you yet! I love what you did with the vocals coming in around 01:38 after that piano which really adds a mysterious atmosphere to this song. There is a good balance between the different instruments and elements. I can't phrase a good opinion on the singing as I don't have much technical knowledge on singing (I usually do instrumental tracks), I have a question, did you record all the vocals yourself, or did you mix this together with the vocals of other people as well? It sounds like different people are singing in this, which adds to the idea of a collective of druids.

For a project I have studied the Druids for a while, burning down their temples down could be interpreted symbolically if we look at history, the last Druids more or less disappeared after the Druids were more and more put under pressure, first by Caesar and after that by early Christians, after which we only had remnants of the historical Druids left in the Irish form of Christianity and Irish folk tales, while the Neo-Druids which arose in and after romanticism didn't use the most reliable sources and didn't continue an existing line of Druids.

I completely agree with you that the burning wood adds so much atmosphere to this song, you really did a good job here.


Troisnyx responds:

Ah thank you! 💖 That is kind of you~

In response:

1) All the vocals, despite the difference in timbre, are mine. For the choirs, I layered the vocals in groups of three or five.

2) The Druids were an allegory; while it may have happened to them that their forests were killed and their people destroyed, it still happens to indigenous peoples around the world to this day — I wrote a long newspost on the matter, citing the Orang Asli and the Amazonians as some particular examples.

This is absolutely phenomenal. Not only in the sense of what you're trying to achieve (A last goodbye song, warning the passerby of their troubles), but in the way in which you're achieving it.

The child singing provides a lead-in to the song, completely silent except for her voice. Then, the piano and orchestra get to work, providing a backbone for the child and the chorus that comes after. The moment at 1:50 provides a bit of hope for our characters, and then it's back into despair. Then, my favorite composition part, 1:52, comes into play. Balancing low bass notes with no strings and strings with no bass notes provides a push-pull aspect of the piece which keeps a sway going, moving the track along, and providing images (at least in my head) of the characters gathering around and swaying back and forth as they sing their tragedy. Of course, more buildups and dropdowns occur throughout the song before ending how it started: With the child singing alone once more, as she relays her message to spread the word, and/or help the characters.

The entire 8 minutes is not a chore to listen to, as the composition breaks up just enough to keep the listener entertained. For what the song is, it does a damning job (That's good!). There's nothing wrong to note here. Keep up the fantastic work here!

Troisnyx responds:

Oh my word. 😮 Thank you so much.

I'll happily admit that I consider the call-and-response in 1:52~ the cornerstone on which the entire song is based, and from where it gets its tone (I believe it was the first of the verses I actually finished).

You've given me some very powerful imagery; I'd not thought about it very much from a visual standpoint until you mentioned the swaying (or, in my mind, possibly even circling) of the characters singing of their terrible fate. I... I'll admit, I now ever so badly want to see an animation to this done.

Thank you for spilling forth what you felt over the piece. I really can't thank you enough.

Credits & Info


4.82 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2020
11:03 AM EDT
File Info
11.6 MB
8 min 39 sec
  • Audacity
  • Sytrus
  • Edison
  • Maximus
  • FL Studio 20
  • FL Studio 11
Misc. Kit
  • Fruity Soundfont Player

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.